Well that turned out to be a week which has caused debate. Depending on how your glass is looking, it could be seen as either not a good one, or one where some progress has been made.

I do not blame anyone who feels like it was four points lost and our position could be so much better.

But what has been difficult to accept since Saturday evening, is some of the doom and gloom.

In the space of a week, matters have remained in our own hands with now just three games remaining instead of five. Plus, we inched further ahead at the top.

East Anglian Daily Times: Town are top of the table with three games leftTown are top of the table with three games left (Image: Ross Halls)
Yes, two wins over Watford and Middlesbrough would have made the picture look so much better.

But these times are sapping enough of mental strength and energy. There is no point wasting more on what could have been. You cannot change any of what has happened.

I have heard and read some comments which I am sure just mask disappointment rather than be actual truth.

Be frustrated for sure. Be disappointed in isolation over the last three games if you must. But do not be disappointed with where we find ourselves here and now.

I likened our situation to that car sticker that states that a dog is not just for Christmas, it is for life. Equally, a season is about 46 games, not just three.

As we came out of the ground on Saturday, my friend asked what has happened to us.

Sure, the goals have dried up, and some of our play is not at the highest level it has been at other times in the season. But there are mitigating factors.

East Anglian Daily Times: Enzo Maresca's Leicester City are struggling Enzo Maresca's Leicester City are struggling (Image: PA Images)
We are at the stage of the season where some results are unexpected. I answered my friend with the point that it is not just us. Leicester and Leeds are equally struggling at present.

And look at results for Liverpool, Arsenal, and Rangers in their respective leagues over the weekend. Pressure affects the very best.

But is it as bad as it really suggests for us right now? Let us look at the current form table for the last six games played.

I think it might surprise some of our fans to know that we sit in second place in that table. Leeds are 11th, whilst Leicester are in 15th place.

Now look at the position of three of the opponents of our last four games. Southampton are fourth, Norwich are first, and Middlesbrough are sixth.

That should tell you that we have had three tough fixtures against in-form teams, yet we have risen to the top of the league. Are things really that bad?

East Anglian Daily Times: Could George Hirst be back after Town's two week break?Could George Hirst be back after Town's two week break? (Image: Ross Halls)
I know we have some difficult away games to come at Hull and Coventry. So much can change by the time those two games are played.

I really believe that our two-week break will help us with injuries, and I pray that the illness in the camp dissipates over the next few days.

And if we could see any kind of return for Wes Burns and George Hirst, well that would be a huge bonus.

It may also help us that by the time we play at Coventry, we will be their eighth fixture of April. Fatigue may just be ensconced in their camp.

I saw a question asking whether anyone wants to win the Championship too. I cannot speak for other teams of course.

But these last two home games, we have given everything. Sometimes, the ball just does not want to fall for you. In both games, we were denied by the woodwork, and in both, you sometimes must give the opposition due credit.

In answer to the original question, yes, we want to win it. Our players are only human. No matter how much Kieran McKenna will say the job is focused on one game at a time, they can sense the bigger picture too. The ride of our lives continues.

East Anglian Daily Times: Kieran McKenna was named Championship Manager of the Year at the EFL awardsKieran McKenna was named Championship Manager of the Year at the EFL awards (Image: EFL)
Finally, massive congratulations to Kieran McKenna who deservedly won the Championship Manager of the Year award to add to his March Manager of the Month award. We should be immensely proud of this achievement.

Also, to Wes Burns for the EFL Goal of the Season, and to Sam Morsy who collected the Supporters Player of the Year award. All worthy winners of their respective awards.