Kesgrave Cycle Speedway has taken home a haul of trophies and titles – including the title of top British Club – in the 2024 Cycle Speedway British Club Championships. 

The club, known as Kesgrave Panthers, had fielded 18 competitors for the event, which took place in Hull. 

A great result for the girlsA great result for the girls (Image: Kesgrave Panthers)

Across eight categories, the impressive riders secured four first positions two second places, one third and one sixth. 

In addition, Kesgrave won the overall club championship, which is the fourth year in a row it has achieved this accolade. 

Kesgrave Cycle Speedway Club has its home at the KWMCC sports field on Twelve Acre Approach in Kesgrave, with youngsters and adults meeting regularly to train over the 70 metre track. 

A winning teamA winning team (Image: Kesgrave Panthers)

Many of the local riders now hold British individual titles for both inside and outside cycle speedway and some have competed in the World Championship in past years. 

Kirsty Spurgeon , from Kesgrave Panthers, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled with the results of this year’s Championship – both on a club basis, and for individuals. 

“A great deal of work goes in to supporting the riders and providing the training sessions, so this is real pay-back for that effort.” 

Kirsty added: “Credit is due to Chairman Matt Parr, who gives up so much time to constantly drive the Club and its potential forward. 

“We always encourage anyone who would like to try out Cycle Speedway for the first time, so please give us a look and see if it’s something you might enjoy or that might suit your child.” 

Britain's best clubBritain's best club (Image: Kesgrave Panthers)
Full results 

U12 : 1st Oliver Spurgeon, Theo Case 

U14 : 3rd Charlie Spurgeon, Amberley Gant, Connor Jarrett  

U16: 1st Ryker Jolly, Lucca Woodhouse, Lily Parr 

U16 Girls: 1st Lily Parr, Ella Case, Amberley Gant  

Juniors: 1st Noah Woodhouse, Torston Jolly, Charlie Parr, Ryker Jolly 

Women: 2nd Lily Parr, Ella Case, Amberley Gant 

Open: 2nd  Zac Payne, Torston Jolly, Ryker Jolly, Noah Woodhouse, Charlie Parr 

Vets: 6th Matt Parr, Steve Hammond  

Under 12 team scores

Kesgrave A 44 1st 

Astley & Tyldesley 43 2nd 

Hethersett A 39 3rd 

Poole 37 

Hull 36 

Kesgrave B 30 

Hethersett B 27 

Wednesfield 20 

U12 Kesgrave A : Theo Case (11) and Oliver Spurgeon (10) 

U12 Kesgrave B : Caiden Rawlings (11) and Blake Booth (11)  

Happy faces all roundHappy faces all round (Image: Kesgrave Panthers)

Under 14 team scores
10 teams took to the track with semi finals of 5 teams each needed. The top 6 teams through to race in the Final were  

Poole 35 1st 

Hull A 27 2nd 

Kesgrave A 26 3rd 

Sheffield 24 

Kesgrave B 20   

Hull B 15 

U14 Kesgrave A : Amberley Gant (13), Charlie Spurgeon (13) and Connor Jarrett (13)  

U14 Kesgrave B : Isaac Powling (12), Theo Case (11), Blake Booth (11), Oliver Spurgeon (10)  

Under 16 team scores

Kesgrave 37 1st 

Hull 30 2nd 

Poole 30 3rd 

Ipswich 29 

Southampton 29 

Coventry 28 

Newport 23 

U16 Kesgrave: Ryker Jolly (16), Lucca Woodhouse (14), Lilly Parr (14)  

U16 Girls 

Kesgrave 25 1st 

Poole 22 2nd 

Newport 13 3rd 

U16 Girls Kesgrave: Ella Case (15), Lily Parr (14) Amberley Gant (13) 


Sheffield 36 1st 

Kesgrave 35 2nd  

Poole 28 3rd 

Coventry 20  

Womens Kesgrave: Ella Case (15), Lily Parr (14) Amberley Gant (13)  


Kesgrave 35 1st 

Southampton 28 2nd 

Poole 25 3rd 

Ipswich 23 

Wednesfield 21 

Newport 12 

Juniors Kesgrave : Torsten Jolly (18), Charlie Parr (17), Noah Woodhouse (17), Ryker Jolly(16)  


14 clubs competed for the Open title. 2 semi finals were run, with the top six teams going through to race in the final 

Birmingham 51 1st 

Kesgrave 47 2nd (after a run off with Ipswich)  

Ipswich 47 3rd 

Poole 34 

Sheffield 22  

Great Blakenham

Open Kesgrave : Ryker Jolly (16), Charlie Parr (17) Torsten Jolly (18) Noah Woodhouse (17), Zac Payne (29)  

With an average age under 20 years old, the Kesgrave Team were racing against much older, more experienced riders. Coming second in the Open is a huge achievement.


Wednesfield 29 1st 

Birmingham 27 2nd (after a run off with Great Blakenham) 

Great Blakenham 27 3rd 

Leicester 25 

Newport 22 

Kesgrave 15 

Vets Kesgrave : Matt Parr, Steve Hammond