Angling in West Suffolk

BURY St Edmunds Angling Association fished their Grange Cup at Barrow Lake in mild but very windy conditions.

Chris Boughton

Angling in West Suffolk

By Chris Boughton

BURY St Edmunds Angling Association fished their Grange Cup at Barrow Lake in mild but very windy conditions. This has long been seen as the club's premier annual event, although it is no longer an open match attracting 150 entrants on rivers like the Little Ouse.

This year Chris Boughton drew one of the more comfortable pegs on the day, with the wind behind him, and took the cup with 14lb 1oz (two carp plus 5lb of silver fish) from peg 7. Johnny Barnett, on peg 19, came second with 5lb 2oz (one small carp plus silvers) and Tony Boughton was third with 3lb 5oz (crucians). Johnny and Tony were both on the other side of the lake to Chris with the wind full in their faces.

Last week's veterans' winter league match for the Malcolm Pryke Shield was also fished at Barrow Lake but, thankfully, on a much less windy day. However, after a very cold night the fish were not at their most responsive.

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In the previous veterans' match at Water Lane Reservoir the top four anglers had been separated by only 4oz and amazingly, this time the top three were separated by only 2oz. On his last visit to Barrow Lake John Dobson had mixed fortunes - first of all he fell in the lake injuring both legs but still he bravely returned to the lake to finish second in the match. This time he not only managed to stay on dry land for the entire match but he also came first with a 6lb 5oz net of small fish taken on the waggler up in the water from peg 7. Only 1oz behind on peg 4 with 6lb 4oz was Chris Boughton (two carp) followed by Johnny Barnet on peg 15 with 6lb 3oz (mixed net).

Bury St Edmunds Angling Association have rearranged the previously postponed Presidents Cup club match for Sunday, November 1, at Water Lane Reservoir. The water will be closed to all other anglers until the match finishes at 2pm. To book a place call Keith Smith on 07913 822038 or leave your name at Tackle Up. This is also the last of the annual six match series for the club's Martin Shield. Malcolm Spear leads the way with 43 points, followed by Chris Boughton with 40 points and Mark Fitzpatrick with 37.

Local Match Results:

Cross Drove - Wednesday Open: 1. Peg 41 Jim Barrowman [Barford Fox] 64lbs-6oz; 2. Peg 32 Simon Easey [Stanjay's] 51lbs-13oz; 3rd Alan Tuck [Unattached] 47lbs-1oz; 4. Paul Goldstraw [Stanjay's] 43lbs-12oz; 4. George Tebb [Lawnfarms] 43lbs-12oz; 6. Keith Ellington [Stanjay's] 40lbs-12oz.

Cross Drove - Saturday Open: 1. Peg 60 Jim Barrowman [Barford Fox] 45lbs-6oz; 2. Peg 30 Tony Watling [Fox Match] 45lbs-1oz; 3. Vince Cross [Ixworth] 44lbs-14oz; 4. James Heaps [Popletts] 44lbs-3oz; 5. Dave Reeve [Unattached] 39lbs-7oz; 6. Tony Evans, [Dynamite Baits] 39lbs-2oz.

Cross Drove - Sunday Open: 1. Peg 18, Simon Wheeler [Daiwa Dynamite] 81lbs-8oz; 2. Peg 11 Chris Kelly [D.A.D Gold] 47lbs-5oz; 3. Mick Hanks [D.A.D Suffolk Black] 44lbs-4oz; 4. Bruno Norman [Cross Drove] 43lbs-6oz; 5. Mark Nichols [Cross Drove] 42lbs-4oz; 6. Richard Bond [Bury] 42lbs-3oz.

Bury AA - Grange Cup - Barrow Lake: 1. peg 7 Chris Boughton 14lb 1oz; 2. peg 19 Johnny Barnet 5lb 2oz; 3. peg 17 Tony Boughton 3lb 5oz.

Bury AA Veterans - Winter League - Water Lane Reservoir; 1. peg 7 John Dobson 6lb 5oz; 2. peg 4 Chris Boughton 6lb 4oz; 3. peg 15 Johnny Barnet 6lb 10oz; 4. peg 14 Mike Stavely 5lb 12oz.

Heron AC - Tuesday - Hinderclay's Spring Lake: 1. peg 2 Paul Ward 18lb 10oz; 2. peg 11 David Wales 11lb 12oz; 3. peg 9 Malcolm Spear 8lb 12oz.

There have been lots of anglers on the bank at the new Blackdyke Trout Fishery, many catching the newly stocked fish and commenting on how well they fought .Tony Keely had a particularly good day, catching four rainbows for 10lb 3oz and releasing a brown of about 6lb. The lake is still very clear with daddies, buzzers and montanas currently the best flies. Tuition is now available by contacting Tim Gaunt Baker on 01553813769. For fishery information call contact Paul Speed on 07525730447.

If you would like your local angling stories, photos or match results included in this article, then please email them to or call 07880 602483

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