Chelmsford II 1 Sevenoaks II 1

NE14Hockey East Women’s League

Premier Division

CHELMSFORD Ladies II played host to Sevenoaks to start the second half of the season looking to improve on previous results, who they narrowly lost to away on the first league game of the 2010 season.

Their loss came as a shock with Sevenoaks scoring two lucky goals and a well planned short corner.

Chelmsford dominated the midfield from the start with the addition of two first team players and as a result manage to interlink between lines more successful than in previous game allowing some great lead runs from the forward. Player of the match and new girl Collette, whose work rate up front played of with some great shots, but unfortunately were not far off a goal that she deserved.

The game went through long periods of solid defence from both teams. Sevenoaks were forced to play cheaply looking for a foot in the D to force short corners to achieve some shots on goal. They had many short corners but Chelm have been working very hard on short corner defence in recent weeks led by Anna Smith their training had paid off with Chelmsford winning every ball and then countering. Chelsea went ahead through pressure from the forwards on a Sevenoaks 16 hit out and the ball was passed off the sideline. Shen took a quick side line ball to eliminate the opposition that hadn’t retreated to five and cut inside on to her forehand to enter the edge of the D to undercut the ball top corner near post pasted the stunned goal keeper and Sevenoaks players, who left her unmarked from the sideline hit and failed to react to a early take.

Chelmsford stand in goalkeeper played amazing keeping Chelmsford ahead with some great and brave goalkeeper on a few to many one on ones. Just before half time Sevenoaks score from a counter attack again play.

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Chelmsford at half time talked about marking at the back and tackling at the base line and put everything into action to the miserly of the Sevenoaks forwards that were getting more and more frustrated.

The second half saw three yellow cards to Chelmsford players that were punished for tackling. Chelmsford continued to play attacking hockey with 10 players and had some great attempts from Collette, Ally, Kate and many other players from midfield. Chelmsford unable to convert these chance go away with a well deserved point but may feel unlucky not to have won a game they surely deserved to win.

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