Colchester Harriers enjoy success at the Colchester Half-Marathon and at events further afield

The start of last weekend's Colchester Half-Marathon. Picture: SEANA HUGHES

The start of last weekend's Colchester Half-Marathon. Picture: SEANA HUGHES

Colchester Harriers had a terrific last weekend, both at the Colchester Half-Marathon and at events elsewhere, up and down the country.

Laure Shewbridge led the way with another good run at the Bath Half-Marathon. An in-form Shewbridge posted a time of 1hr 26mins 59secs for the 13.1-mile distance.

Meanwhile, club-mates Allen Smalls and Sean Ketteridge claimed another off-road marathon victory, this time at the Thaxted 26-mile race.

Paul Rodgers won the Mersea Parkrun last Saturday, and Fergus Crouch won the Colchester Parkrun in Castle Park in a personal best 17.54 for the 5K route, with Jasmine West winning the ladies’ race.

The Harriers actually had the first five runners home at the Mersea Parkrun, with winner Rodgers followed by Ziggy Lambton (17.54), Pete West (18.54), David Wright (19.11) and Richard Flutter (19.33). Debbie Cattermole (21.51) and Fran Norris (23.17) were the first two ladies home.

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Gemma Browne was second at Maldon promenade, while over-70 veteran John Wheatly ran 24.44 on Clacton sea front, both in Parkrun events.

At the Colchester Half-Marathon, Mark Harrod lead the green vests home in 11th place, clocking 1:17.52. Richard Heath was 14th (1:18.16) and Rodgers 20th (1:20.01). Best for the ladies was Marie Shirley, who although struggling with a back injury, ran a fine 1:26.01. Arthur Whiston won the over-65 title in 1:35.32.

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Other Harriers results at Colchester Half Marathon: Tom Cresswell 1-21-21, Anthony Barraclough 1-21-39, Jon Nears 1-22-44, Richard Palmer 1-24-17,Wayne Cook 1-25-21, Robert Smith 1-25-36, Craig Mitchell 1-25-58, Jamie Nelson 1-25-59, Paul Preston 1-26-00 , Richard Flutter 1-31-09, Ffion Harris 1-31-31, Dan Marks 1-31-37, Jerry Walder 1-32-12, Mark Penson 1-32-44, Kevin Higgens 1-33-08, Michael Burrows 1-35-13, Paul Barritt 1-38-42 and Ray Rimbull 1-39-49.

Also: James Gunther 1-40-59, Malcolm Statham 1-42-15, Jackie McLlannen 1-42-51, Angela Isherwood 1-43-49, Joanne MartIn 1-45-02, Fiona Wattam 1-45-55, Chris Panton 1-46-07, Steve Clarke 1-46-31, Michael Bates 1-47-17, Gemma Browne 1-50-17, Oliver Saunders 1-50-51, Rob Lane 1-54-10, Brian Smith 1-54-52, Fay Smalls 2-03-38, Natasha Rice 2-04-00, Becky Bjotter 2-04-52, Joanna Walton 2-08-02, Rachel Rodgers 2-53-20.

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