Courageous cage comebacks for Bury Thai boxers

TWO gifted fighters from the Unit One Thai Boxing gym in Bury St Edmunds thrilled the large crowd at a major regional combat event with a pair of explosive performances.

Jamie Frost and Dean Burroughs, both with just one competitive bout behind them, put on mature displays against seasoned opponents from respected gyms at the Ultimate Truth cage event in Luton.

Frost, 20, lost a closely-fought technical Muay Thai contest against Nathan James from the East Area Thai gym in Bedford.

He started a little slowly in the early rounds before battering his opponent close to stoppage in the final round.

Frost struggled to find a way around his rangy, heavier opponent’s clinch technique early on but unleashed unanswered powerful punches in the final round, taking the fight to a new level.

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Frost may have lost the decision but he certainly won the battle.

Meanwhile Burroughs, 22, won a gruelling UK-1 kickboxing contest against the muscular Jon Robinson from the host Storm Gym in Luton, despite being dazed by a barrage of heavy punches in the opening round.

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Just before the bell sounded for the end of the tumultuous first round, Burroughs landed a perfectly timed right hook to Robinson’s chin, sending him to the canvas.

That test of mettle proved to be the turning point. As Burroughs’ head cleared, the rapidly-tiring Robinson found himself floored multiple times by the tenacious Bury fighter. Robinson just managed to make it to the final bell, but Burroughs was awarded a well-deserved unanimous decision.

Jamie Mott, Unit One coach, said: “Both lads put on outstanding performances. Jamie didn’t get the result he wanted but it was so close - one more round and it would have gone to Mr Frost.

“And Dean certainly came back from the brink. Nearly knocking his opponent out in the last round after getting knocked around the way he did in the first takes some doing.”

Another Unit One Thai boxer, Deborah Heatrick, is set to contest the ladies ISKA Southern Area Pro UK-1 Title this weekend against Jody Blunt from Gatwick Kickboxing.

If Heatrick manages to win the title she has been invited to fight for the UKMF English Muay Thai Title in April.

- For more info on the Unit One gym visit, or call 01284 760468.

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