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ALTHOUGH some of the athletics team let the country down and there will be a big fall-out from that, the rest of our Commonwealth boys and girls did superbly well.

ALTHOUGH some of the athletics team let the country down and there will be a big fall-out from that, the rest of our Commonwealth boys and girls did superbly well.

To garner 36 goals among a haul of 110 medals, and finishing second behind hosts Australia in the table, was a terrific achievement given that Canada, India and South Africa were behind us.

I know some people dismiss the Games as nothing more than a glorified school sports' day, but what do they know.

The broad width of various sports made it highly entertaining and fun, and although the coverage may have been biased over there, it would seem Melbourne did well in its organisation and facilities.

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It seems our Premiership footballers have been paying a lot of attention to the Games, too, with the 18-yard box now increasingly becoming more like a boxing ring at set-plays.

Didier Drogba has clearly taken a liking to netball - in which the English girls won bronze - and it is a sport that is on the increase in terms of popularity - so watch out, football.

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If Drogba could not get into a netball, or basketball side, then he could always try his luck in the pool where I'm sure he would make as big a splash as he has in the Premiership.

Seriously, though, a big hand to Drogba for admitting he had indeed used his big hand to control the ball before scoring against Manchester City but instead of slaughtering him for the crime and the confession football should look at the obvious answer.

I know I have been banging on about this for almost 10 years now through various columns but technology would have picked up the offence and the referee would have got the decision right in a matter of seconds. The goal would have been disallowed and the player booked.

End of problem. No arguing, no controversy, no bringing the game into disrepute.

And not having a go at Stuart Pearce for being a man of integrity by not slamming the officials.

City fans may not be happy that he refused to have a go but what good would that have done?

The decision would not have changed so it is no good throwing toys out of prams afterwards. But the game can't rely on men like Pearce saying nothing. Football is brought into disrepute every single weekend by television showing incidents AFTER the event. The FA should take the bull by the horns and use video evidence during games, irrespective of what the ditherers at FIFA dictate.

ALAN Mahon's move to Burnley will no doubt sadden those Ipswich fans who hoped he would still return to Portman Road one day but at least he still helps out his favourite East Anglian side.

Mahon went on as a sub against the Canaries on Friday night and helped them to a 2-0 win, just hours after joining up with his new team-mates.

It would appear the affable Irishman is popular wherever he plays. I hear that the Wigan players wore black armbands and held a jocular minute's respect, when Mahon turned up at the training ground to pick up his boots and bid farewell at the end of last week.

EVERY now and again something happens to put football into perspective and the death of a young Doncaster fan last week while he was watching his team play Colchester was one of those instances.

Youngster Mark Hitching died after a heart problem at the ground and his passing stunned many football fans.

Doncaster Rovers have put a page of condolences on their official website and you can send a message via

FORMER Colchester United boss Mick Wadsworth looks set to get a top job in management again after resigning as assistant to Gary Peters at Shrewsbury Town.

Wadsworth joined the Shrews 14 months ago as second in command to Peters but is keen to take the helm again.

THE season is rapidly coming to a close, with just three home games to go, and if you have not yet won tickets in our competition then I'm really sorry but the Chatter is getting a huge response.

Well done to those who have been successful and good luck to those who might still get lucky.

This week's question, to win two tickets to watch Ipswich Town play Stoke City on April 8 is:

Which Ipswich Town and England legend went on to manage Stoke City?

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