‘It’s impressive what’s going on there’.... Marcus Garnham on his move to Needham Market

New Needham Market keeper, Marcus Garnham Photo: NEEDHAM MARKET

New Needham Market keeper, Marcus Garnham Photo: NEEDHAM MARKET - Credit: Archant

New Needham Market goalkeeper Marcus Garnham has admitted the impressive facilities being built at Bloomfields were one of his reasons for joining the Club.

The 31-year-old has penned a two-year deal, after moving from fellow Step 3 Southern League side and Suffolk rivals, Leiston.

It was a decision he admits he didn't arrive at lightly. But is glad it is one he has now made.

"I must admit when I had the call from Needham, I was interested," he said.

"I felt things had been a bit up in the air at Leiston since Glenn Driver left.

"Stuart Boardley has steadied the ship well and I'm sure all will be fine. But Needham intrigued me.

"I went and had a look at the ground. It is impressive what's going on there. They really do look like a club on the way up."

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Garnham has played a high level of football for many years and the enthusiasm hasn't diminished. Indeed he enjoys it as much as ever.

"I love playing as high as I can, so long as I'm doing myself justice," he said.

"If I start to make mistakes and get things wrong, then I'm in trouble.

"But I still enjoy it. There's a lot of travelling in the Southern League for us and Leiston. But it can be a great team bonding on the coach for so many hours.

"Simply, if you want to play a high level, you are going to have to travel."

Garnham has admitted he feels a change of role has come his way in the team squads.

"I used to be one of the younger players it felt a few years ago, but now younger players are looking up to me.

"At Leiston last season there were a lot more good youngsters coming through and asking my advice. I liked that.

"But it's a new challenge for me now and I'm looking forward to it."

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