Five changes for new-look Witches as team manager Phil Hilton steps down

Nico Covatti (left) and Danny King are back with Ipswich Witches for 2016

Nico Covatti (left) and Danny King are back with Ipswich Witches for 2016 - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Witches director of speedway Chris Louis has rung the changes, on and off the track, as the 2016 team is announced today.

OUT have gone Rohan Tungate, Cameron Heeps, Gino Manzares, Stefan Nielsen and Ashley Morris.

IN have come Morten Risager, Lewis Kerr, James Sarjeant, Paco Castagna and Darryl Ritchings.

BACK are Danny King and Nico Covatti.

Team boss Phil Hilton has also stepped down.

It is a team built on top-end power and Louis is happy with the side he has put together.

“I guess the fact only two riders remain from last season’s team shows the disappointment I felt about our 2015 effort,” Louis said.

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“It is not a solid a 1-7 as I have put together in past seasons, but the top five is stronger and I don’t think it will take our reserves long to get up to speed.

“Darryl Ritchings is as good a three-point National League rider as you will find – every club has to have one in their team.

“This is a team that no-one will write-off before the season starts and is good enough to win the title.

“Apart from anything else, it’s entertaining and full of racers.

“My first thought was always to get Danny (King) and Nico (Covatti) back. And I’m glad they wanted to come back.

“Morten Risager is a rider we all know well and will be our rock, especially at Foxhall, while I know Lewis Kerr can’t wait to get racing and is fully recovered from his crash last season.

“James Sarjeant, Darryl Ritchings and Paco Castagna are all young talents. Paco has been signed on a full transfer from Sheffield and is now our asset.

“I always start a new season positive and with the team I’ve put together for 2016, I very much do so again.”

Ipswich Witches 2016: Danny King, Nico Covatti, Lewis Kerr, Morten Risager, James Sarjeant, Paco Castagna and Darryl Ritchings.

See today’s paper for in depth interviews with Lewis Kerr, James Sarjeant and Morten Risager, as well as former team boss Phil Hilton

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