French connection proves ideal for teen Adam

Adam Ellis

Adam Ellis - Credit: Archant

FORMER Ipswich ‘Sackers’ Witch Matt Tresarrieu played a key role in teenager Adam Ellis’ decision to join the Suffolk side.

FORMER Ipswich ‘Sackers’ Witch Matt Tresarrieu played a key role in teenager Adam Ellis’ decision to join the Suffolk side.

Although Tresarrieu is not part of the Witches set-up in 2013, he had no hesitation in praising up the Witches, as Ellis considered a Witches contract.

“Matt certainly had plenty of good words to say about Ipswich and how they look after you and that was important,” said 16-year-old Ellis.

“He hasn’t been the only one to tell me what a good club it is and I can’t wait to get started.

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“I had a few offers, but the way people spoke about the Witches made my decision to join easy and I think I’m just about getting my head around all what’s happening.”

Ellis lives in Bordeaux, in France after his parents moved there 20 years ago.

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He speaks fluent English and French, as he spent his school life at French schools.

He only started grasstrack four years ago and speedway less than that.

“I don’t really have any Premier League experience, just one meeting for Ipswich, guesting at Somerset,” he said.

“I’m going to do my very best and set no targets. The only thing that will be different for me is that most of the tracks in France are huge – whereas I know Foxhall is small, as are many English tracks.”

But he is being tipped as one of England’s great hopes for the future after a stunning last few months riding in England last year for the Isle of Wight in the National League.

Born in Marmande, just half-an-hour from Bordeaux, he was brought up in a region where there are many grass track circuits, while to occupy the winter months, he helps his dad out at the family pub, ‘The Houses of Parliament’, in Bordeaux.

But in speedway terms he is a novice and only has limited experience.

“I must admit I’m a racer,” he said.

“I’ll never give up on the track, but I also know I will have to be patient.

“But I must admit to being very excited at the thought of racing for the Witches.”

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