Fuller Flavour: Come on Marcus, make our club great once more

Ipswich Town fans celebrate taking the lead at Carrow Road - but their joy was short-lived. Picture:

Ipswich Town fans celebrate taking the lead at Carrow Road - but their joy was short-lived. Picture: PA SPORT - Credit: PA

What an absolute kick in the teeth, writes Karl Fuller in the wake of Ipswich Town’s 1-1 draw with Norwich City at Carrow Road.

Seven seconds from finally beating Norwich after all these years. I would have certainly taken a draw before the game but not in the end.

For the second successive Sky TV game, we’ve snatched a draw from the jaws of victory by not being able to see a game out. When will we ever learn?

A draw was a fair result in the end and I am not surprised that we did not win. Our starting line-up and substitutions smacked of going for a point, despite Mick saying last week how he wanted to win it for the fans.

And as for his outburst seemingly aimed at Town fans when we scored – although denied by Mick after the game – for many, it should be another nail in his coffin. But it won’t be.

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Whatever Mick says or does these days will inevitably cause a debate.

Indeed, I take a fair bit of stick each week for my mere opinions – especially when this column appears on-line. It comes with the territory I guess but I’m happy to stir emotions.

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I can honestly say though that everything I write is from the heart and I only write what I do because I care so much. I’m sure that at the end of the day, we all want the same thing no matter how we perceive what the right way is to get there.

One such recent comment fired in my direction was in respect of the money that Marcus Evans continues to put into the club and if I wasn’t happy, why don’t I put the same money into the club instead?

I can’t do that obviously – none of us can. However, if I had the wealth of Evans, I would certainly put more in.

As Terry Butcher said recently, Evans needs to loosen the purse strings if we’re ever going to go anywhere. I compare the situation to running my own house. Let’s say that ITFC is a house that Evans has to keep in order just like I do mine.

If my house was ITFC, it would currently resemble a mid-terraced run down eyesore in need of much care and attention.

The paintwork would be chipping and the decor would resemble a late 70’s/early 80’s flavour that was great back in the day and I’d be continuously stating how good it all looked back then.

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Now I know that I am never going to get my house looking the best in the street, I may not have the money to build extensions or put a swimming pool in the back garden, but in addition to paying my mortgage and keeping it going by paying the bills, every now and then, I need to spend more to furnish and decorate the place to keep it modern and keeping up to speed with modern day life.

For my mortgage and bill payments to keep the place going, you could say the equivalent is what Marcus Evans spends to keep ITFC going.

But just like my additional outlay, he does need to spend more to keep in line with our more adventurous Championship neighbours.

I know that there is a degree of spending on wages and minimal transfer fees currently happening but it’s not enough now to provide that bit extra to keep the visitors (us fans) happy and coming back for more.

If I did not entertain my guests when they come to my house, I’m sure they’d never come back either.

So come on Marcus, like the great man Butch said, loosen the purse strings for whoever our manager will be next season, make the right decisions for the impending season ticket renewal announcement and do your utmost to make our club homely again, one where we can feel entertained and look forward to our next visit.

It’s down to you.

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