Goldie Sayers ‘delighted’ by UK Athletics funding appeal decision

Goldie Sayers: Applauding the decision

Goldie Sayers: Applauding the decision - Credit: PA

A successful appeal to regain her UK Athletics funding represents the icing on the cake for Goldie Sayers.

Left reeling by a serious elbow injury, the 31-year-old Newmarket thrower then saw her funding cut by the governing body.

However, after successfully appealing the decision, she will receive the full allowance for at least another year.

Sayers was omitted from the annual list after failing to reach a certain level of performance – due to the fact that she had undergone surgery and wasn’t able to throw in competition at all this year.

But, after appealing to the selection board, Sayers had her case accepted and her funding reinstated last week.

It comes as a sense of both delight and relief for Sayers, the only British athlete to successfully appeal such a decision.

“I’m absolutely delighted,” said Sayers.

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“I thought I might as well appeal but I thought I had no chance of it being successful, I definitely wasn’t expecting it.”

She continued: “Although the funding is not exactly a fortune, with my injury it certainly helps me out no end.

“It helps me mainly with medical support.

“Still coming back from the injury, it enables me to deal with any repercussions that may need expensive scans.”

After completing basic rehab phases with extensive gym work – including throwing metal balls to help her get used to her new elbow, Sayers is now back on track and throwing from the javelin runway.

“I’m back in full training and am currently working and throwing from the approach, which is what I’d be doing at this stage anyway,” said Sayers.

“We always throw coming off speed after Christmas so it’s just a normal routine for me.”

And although the 31-year-old has admitted that her elbow feels slightly different to how it had, she has quickly adapted to it.

She said: “I’ve had to get used to the forces of throwing the javelin again.

“Obviously it’s slightly different but I’m feeling good with it so we’ll see how it progresses.”

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