Greene going for a clean sweep

Dai Greene wants to add Olympic gold in London, next year, and complete a clean sweep in major championships.

DAI GREENE believes he has shut up the doubters who felt he could not compete with the world’s best.

The 400m world champion struck gold at the World Championships in Daegu, defeating Javier Culson and LJ van Zyl to the line, adding to his European and Commonwealth titles.

“A few people thought that I had had some good results but they did not think that I could take on the world’s best at a major championships,” he said.

“But I never lacked confidence in myself, I always knew that I could do it so it has been more a case of proving those people wrong and showing them that I can do it and that I am the best in the world.”

Greene only needs Olympic gold now to complete a clean sweep from the four major championships.

He added: “It is a massive incentive to know that I am one win away from a clean sweep of all the medals but you are never going to be short of motivation when you are talking about a home Olympics.

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“I am already looking forward to running in what looks like a brilliant stadium in front of a packed house. I can’t wait, it will be a very special event to be a part of.”

Greene is coached by 71-year-old Malcolm Arnold and the Welshman paid tribute to the veteran who also guided Colin Jackson to a world title.

“He is a fantastic coach. It goes without saying that if I did not have him with me I would not have been as successful as I have been.”

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