HAMBRO CUP GOLF: Stowmarket’s gamble pays off as they defeat Seckford

The Woodbridge team which beat Flempton in the second round of the Hambro Cup. They now visit Bury S

The Woodbridge team which beat Flempton in the second round of the Hambro Cup. They now visit Bury St Edmunds. Back (from left): Simon Peckford, Ollie Heath, Mark Jackson, Steve Mann. Front: James Draycott, Ricky Dzierozynski, Tom Fowler, Toby Ayles - Credit: Archant

Stowmarket Hambro captain Henry Cutting made tactical changes to his team for the visit to Seckford.

Flempton�'s Hambro Cup players, wearing their new caps as part of their uniform, were outgunned at W

Flempton�'s Hambro Cup players, wearing their new caps as part of their uniform, were outgunned at Woodbridge. - Credit: Archant

He left out four low-handicap players who had contributed to the first-round win over Southwold. When his team trailed by two holes at lunch it looked as though his plan might backfire

It was just as well for Stowmarket that Owen Clouting and Ross Harvey provided a solid winning partnership. Stowmarket improved in the afternoon and achieved the only away win of the round.

Holders Bury St Edmunds were 15 holes ahead of close rivals, The Suffolk, at lunch. Then they relaxed and won by only four holes. Now they entertain Woodbridge who proved too strong for Flempton in the heat on Bromeswell Heath.

Haverhill overcame a potentially tricky hurdle at home to Newton Green while Brett Vale edged home in a tight battle with Ufford Park.

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Bungay’s teenagers Liam Hansey and Sam Bingham were key players in their victory over Rookery Park. Bingham has been putting school work ahead of golf this year but he will surely soon be back on the junior county scene.

Hambro Cup

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Second round

Brett Vale beat Ufford Park by five holes.

Morning foursomes (Brett Vale names first): Simon Woods and Chris Hammond halved with George Fricker and Luke Cleland, Nick Davis and Nick Stinson 2 Sam Ward and Tom Wake 0, Ross Christie and Joe Hanlon 2 Paul Jordan and James Keeble 0, Owen Norman and Alan Cursons 0 Mike Virley and Josh Nelli 1.

Afternoon: Woods and Hammond halved with Fricker and Cleland, Davis and Stinson 2 Ward and Wake 0, Christie and Hanlon 1 Jordan and Keeble 0, Norman and Jason Rea 0 Virley and Nelli 1.

Haverhill beat Newton Green by 12 holes

Morning foursomes (Haverhill names first):

Andrew Fish and Andrew Underwood 7 Russell Oakey and Harvey Watts 0, Jack Warwick and Jack Bligh 2 Simon Bearman and James Cooper 0, Liam Merritt and John Kennedy 5 Mike Polley and Gareth Evans 0, Jim Darby and David Pipe 0 Jed Seeley and Ben Tawell 1.

Afternoon: Fish and Underwood 5 Oakey and Watts 0, Warwick and Bligh 0 Bearman and Cooper 3, Merritt and Kennedy 0 I Woodhead and Polley 4, Darby and Pipe 1 Seeley and Evans 0.

Bury St Edmunds beat The Suffolk by four holes

Morning (Bury St Edmunds names first). Dan Smailes and Jack Lankester 1 Gary Last and Simon Ferrari 0, Steven Duffety and Steven Lankester 6 Andy Kemp and Ian Mortlock 0, Craig Nurse and Mike Greener 6 Daniel Kaye and Jeremy Thompson 0, Roger Nicholson and Malcolm Wyer 2 Mark Henfield and Paul Pearce 0.

Afternoon: Smailes and J Lankester 0 Last and Ferrari 7, Duffety and S Lankester 2 Kemp and Mortlock 0, Nurse and Greener 1 Kaye and Thompson 0, Nicholson and Wyer 0 Henfield and Pearce 7.

Bungay beat Rookery Park by 14 holes.

Morning (Bungay names first): Nairn Black and Peter Revell 5 John Fisher and Casey Bailey 0, Alex Taylor and Steed Hubbard 2 Andy Coleman and Dwayne Barber 0, Jacob Carver and Tom Brown 0 Graham Garrod and Craig Bloodworth 2, Liam Hansey and Sam Bingham 4 James Nolloth and Ian Foxten 0.

Afternoon: Black and Revell 4 Fisher and Bailey 0, Taylor and Hubbard 0 Coleman and Barber 3, Carver and Brown halved with Garrod and Bloodworth, Hansey and Bingham 4 Nolloth and Foxten 0.

Diss beat Fynn Valley by 22 holes.

Morning. (Diss names first): Archie Moore and Michael Closs 4 Kane Mayes and Mark Wilder 0, Paul Wright and James Biggs 2 Traven Abbott and Paul Gray 0, Chris Bartrum and Tony Osborn 3 Gary Smythe and Andy Southall 0, Darren Maskell and Josh Driver 9 Leigh Meadows and Tom Smith 0.

Afternoon: Bartrum and Osborn 2 Mayes and Wilder 0, Moore and Closs 0 Abbott and Gray 1, Biggs and Jake Taylor 3 Meadows and Smith 0, Maskell and Driver halved with Southall and Smythe.

Seckford lost to Stowmarket by seven holes.

Morning (Seckford names first): Sam Pollexfen and Liam O’Donovan 1 Ben and Andy Forgan 0, Taylor Crisp and Clive Seward 3 Matt Lockwood and Scott Bennett 0, Mark Edgerley and Declan Condon 1 Ryan Turnbull and Mark Turnbull 0, Tony Carter and Taylor Crisp 0 Owen Clouting and Ross Harvey 3.

Afternoon: Pollexfen and O’Donovan 0 B and A Forgan 2, Crisp and Seward 0 Lockwood and Bennett 5, Edgerley and Condon halved with R and M Turnbull, Carter and Crisp 0 Clouting and Harvey 2,

Gorleston beat Halesworth by 28 holes.

Morning (Gorleston names first): Ben Leuty and Matthew Alp 4 Gary Taylor and Will McIntosh 0, Josh Manser and Bob Richardson halved with Paul Sherwood and Josh King, Danny Western and Jack Butcher 2 Andrew Browne and Gary Etchells 0, Danny Perring and Daniel Crosby 7 Paul and Mark Coby 0.

Afternoon: Western and Butcher 6 Sherwood and King 0, Manser and Richardson 3 Browne and Grant Docherty 0, Leuty and Alp 3 M and P Coby 0, Perring and Crosby 3 McIntosh and Taylor 0.

Woodbridge beat Flempton by 29 holes.

Morning (Woodbridge names first): Mark Jackson and Ricky Dzierozynski 4 Ralph Evans and Colin Campbell 0, Simon Peckford and Ollie Heath 7 Dez Halil and James Hurst 0, Toby Ayles and James Draycott 8 Dan Wilson and David Cargill, Tom Fowler and Steve Mann halved with Alfie Halil and Graham Sykes.

Afternoon: Jackson and Dzierozynski 4 Wilson and Colin Marchbank 0, Peckford and Heath 0 A Halil and Sykes 2, Fowler and Mann 3 Evans and D Halil 0, Ayles and Draycott 5 Hurst and Cargill 0.

Third round (to be played on July 16): Brett Vale v Diss, Bury St Edmunds v Woodbridge, Haverhill v Stowmarket, Gorleston v Bungay.

Tolly Cobbold Cup second round: St Audrys 14 Fynn Valley 0, Ufford Park 35 Brett Vale 0, Diss 39 Beccles 0, Haverhill 11 Felixstowe Ferry 0, Bury St Edmunds 11 Rushmere 0, Ipswich 7 Southwold 0, Bramford 21 West Suffolk 0, Cretingham 20 Stowmarket 0.

Third round (to be played on July 16): Ipswich v Haverhill, Ufford Park v Cretingham, St Audrys v Diss, Bury St Edmunds v Bramford.

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