Harleston 1 Cambridge City 0

Premier AHarleston Magpies 1 Cambridge City 0Harleston Magpies avenged their only defeat of the season to provide a massive confidence boost ahead of the promotion play-offs for the National League.

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Harleston Magpies 1 Cambridge City 0

Harleston Magpies avenged their only defeat of the season to provide a massive confidence boost ahead of the promotion play-offs for the National League.

The win means that the Magpies go into the first of their five play-off games against Fareham having won all eleven of their post-Christmas league games.

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Cambridge, the only team to have taken points off of Harleston this season, started the game passing the ball around but providing no real threatening attacks.

There were several chances from both teams, but both failed to convert these. A close encounter came from Jimmy Wheeler after some good moves being made down the left hand side of the pitch; but this ended quickly as he swung and missed the ball.

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Lawrence Baynes came on the pitch at right midfield to make his debut and started off on form. City managed to win a short corner, but Magpies defended well preventing themselves from going a goal down and being on the back foot. Iain Martin made a good save to prevent the ball entering into the Magpie goal. The first half came to an end with both teams remaining goalless.

Mark Lewis took his place in goal for the second half to make his debut for the first team. The second half started with Magpies pushing the opposition back, starting to pass the ball around a bit better.

Some good runs were made up front with some further close chances unable to be converted. Another short corner was conceded, but was defended well yet again.

Mark Lewis made some first-rate saves to keep the Magpies in it. After some good runs up front from the forwards and some well-worked balls from the defence and midfield, Chris Barber managed to win another short corner for Magpies. Tristan Baynes converted this when he struck the ball with fury into the back of the goal to give the team an advantage.

At this late stage in the game Magpies were content with a 1-0 victory and turned to trying to keep the ball more. However, Cambridge City had different ideas about the score board and continued to battle right to the end.

A City player received the first yellow for his tackle and, shortly after, this Carl Sitch managed to pick up a green card for a mis-timed tackle.

All in all it wasn't Harleston's best performance but, despite this, it was another three points.

Harleston play their first play-off game at home against Fareham on Sunday 20 April.

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