Hitchcock and Bailey both record two CBPs at Suffolk Track & Field Championships

Joel Burgess, right, on his way to victory in the under-13 boys' 100m final. Picture: BEN POOLEY

Joel Burgess, right, on his way to victory in the under-13 boys' 100m final. Picture: BEN POOLEY - Credit: Archant

A total of nine Championship best performances (CBP) were recorded at the recent annual Suffolk Track & Field Championships, held on the Northgate track in Ipswich.

Megan Newton, of West Suffolk AC, on her to a gold meal in the 3,000m at the Suffolk Championships.

Megan Newton, of West Suffolk AC, on her to a gold meal in the 3,000m at the Suffolk Championships. Picture: BEN POOLEY - Credit: Archant

In the youngest age group, Oliver Hitchcock equalled the championship best in his heat of the 200m (27.5secs), as did Joel Burgess in his heat, before setting a new record outright with 27.3 on his way to victory in the under-13 boys’ final.

Burgess, of Waveney Valley, took the silver medal, having struck gold over 100m.

Hitchcock also set a new landmark over 1,500m, with a winning time of 4mins 51.7secs, while Elliott Gladwell equalled the 800m best in 2:18.8.

In the field events, William Lamprell, of Framlingham Prep School, set a CBP in the high jump with a winning clearance of 1.50m. Lamprell also won the shot putt competition.

Sprinter Hannah Lygo, midde, winning the under-17 women's 100m final at the Suffolk Championships. S

Sprinter Hannah Lygo, midde, winning the under-17 women's 100m final at the Suffolk Championships. She is competing in Birmingham for Suffolk Schools.Picture: BEN POOLEY - Credit: Archant

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Cameron Bailey set two CBPs in the under-17 men sprint events. The Ipswich Harrier powered to a 11.1secs clocking over 100m, and followed this up with a triumphant 22.4 in the 200m, two very impressive displays.

Olivia Allum, of West Suffolk AC, re-wrote the record books in the under-17 women’s 1,500m. She stopped the clock at 4:45.5 for a CBP.

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Also in the under-17 age group, Ipswich Harriers’ Bella Keeley registered a CBP of 47.0secs in the 300m hurdles. She also won the 80m hurdles.

Fellow under-17 athlete Gemma Ramsey, another member of the Harriers, similarly set a new CBP in the javelin, with a winning throw of 38.91m, having also won the shot putt.

Elsewhere, West Suffolk AC enjoyed considerable success in the under-13 girls’ age group. Emily Cann celebrated a sprints double over 100m and 200m, as well as winning the long jump, while club-mates Lorna Coull (800m), Lillia Battell (1,500m) and Sasha Wilson (shot and javelin) were also victories.

Ipswich Harriers dominated the under-15 section, spearheaded by a sprints double for Lonarra Youngs, and middle distance wins for Mimi Salsby (800m) and Holly Fisher (1,500m). Sophie Graham, of Woodbridge School, had three wins in the field, in the pole vault, discus and javelin.

Hannah Lygo won the 100m and 200m in the under-17s category.

Results from Suffolk Track & Field Championships


100m: 1 J Burgess (WV) 13.5secs; 2 B Greenleaf (IH) 13.6; 200m: 1 O Hitchcock (IH) 27.3; 2 J Burgess (WV) 27.5. 800m: 1 E Gladwell (IH) 2:18.8; 2 J Davison (IH) 2:36.1. 1,500m: 1 O Hitchcock (IH) 4:51.7; 2 J Peck (Mildenhall College) 5:05.0. 75m hurdles: 1 F Howes (WV) 14.1; 2 B McCallum (IH) 14.4.

High jump: 1 W Lamprell (FPS) 1.5m. Long jump: 1 J Williams (IH) 4.30m.Shot: 1 W Lamprell (FPS) 10.13m. Discus: 1 E Hodds (WV) 21.28m. Javelin: 1 L Mayall (FPS) 26.36m.


100m: 1 P Pallmieri (IH) 12.6secs; 2 O Duporte-Clarke (IH) 12.6. 200m: 1 P Palmieri (IH) 25.7.; 2 W Bowker (IH) 28.2. 300m: 1 R Wilson-Snow (IH) 41.1; 2 W Bowker (IH) 43.0. 800m: 1 R Wilson-Snow (IH) 2:17.6; 2 F Adams (IH) 2:21.9. 1,500m: 1 G Wharam (Woodbridge School) 4:42.3; 2 O Woodward (SEP) 5:14.6. 80m hurdles: 1 N Graham (FF) 18.7.

Long jump: 1 P Palmieri IH) 4.82m. Discus: 1 H Williamson (IH) 28.79. Hammer: 1 S Breyer (IH) 16.75m.


100m: 1 C Bailey (IH) 11.1secs; 2 L Field (WV) 11.8. 200m: 1 C Bailey (IH) 22.4; 2 L Palmieri (IH) 23.3. 400m: 1 J Hulse (IH) 50.6; 2 J Grady (IH) 55.3. 800m: J Grady (IH) 2:19.7. 1,500m: 1 L Dix (IH) 4:35.4; 2 S Stevens (WV) 4:43.5. 3,000m: 1 T Abbott (IH) 9:59.8. 1,500m steeplechase: 1 M Snowdon (IH) 4:46.2. 100m hurdles: 1 T Ntuli (IH) 14.7. 400m hurdles: 1 L Palmieri (IH) 60.4. 3K Walk: 1 G Wilkinson (E&H) 17:04.8.

High jump: 1 C Aldis (IH) 1.65m. Long jump: 1 J Kajoba (IH) 6.08m. Triple jump: 1 J Richards (WS) 11.38m. Shot: 1 K Sadler (IH) 12.05m. Discus: 1 K Sadler (IH) 36.07m. Hammer: 1 O Graham (IH) 49.64m. Javelin: 1 K Sadler (IH) 54.68m.


100m: 1 J Stevenson (IH) 11.9. 400m: 1 J Greenleak (IH) 51.9. 800m: 1 C Williams (WS) 1:57.2. 1,500m: 1 A Crawford (WS) 4:15.4. 5,000m: 1 T Adams (IH) 16:35.9; 2 P Wain (IJ) 16:53.9. 2,000m s/c: 1 A Crawford (WS) 7:01.0.

High jump: 1 C Jones (IH) 1.85m. Pole vault: 1 W Pilkington (Woodbridge School) 2.8m. Long jump: 1 I Holmes (IH) 3.99m, Triple jump: 1 M Hodds (WV) 12.18m. Shot: 1 M Hodds (WV) 9.75m. Javelin: 1 D Baker (IH) 59.73m.


100m: 1 K Potter (WS) 11.0secs. 200m: 1 K Potter (WS) 22.2. 400m: 1 D Gartlan (IH) 62.3. 800m: 1 B Eames (WS) 2:24.2. 1,500m: 1 J Wilson (Saxmundham S&F) 4:22.9. 5,000m: 1 B Jacobs (FRR) 18:10.8. 3K Walk: 1 T Wilkinson (Un) 21:09.1.

Long jump: 1 L Allen (WS) 5.84m. Triple jump: 1 P McAllister (Hadleigh) 9:24m. Shot: 1 J Allen (WS) 11.74m. Discus: 1 J Allen (WS). HammerL 1 J Allen (WS) 44.75m. Javelin: 1 D Gartlan (IH) 33.98m.


100m: 1 E Cann (WS) 13.3secs; 2 A Pruce (FPS) 15.0. 200m: 1 E Cann (WS) 29.1; 2 M Howell (WS) 30.7. 800m: 1 L Coull (WS) 2:29.2; 2 I Alexander (IH) 2:40.0. 1,500m: 1 L Battell (WS) 5:22.8; 2 C Gilbert (Kesgrave HS) 5:24.3. 70m hurdles: 1 E Williamson (FPS) 12.4. 1K Walk: 1 M Howell (WS) 8:58.2.

High jump: 1 E Williamson (FPS) 1.25m. Long jump: 1 E Cann (WS) 4.53. Shot: 1 S Wilson (WS) 7.41m. Discus: 1 C Graham (IH) 22.2m. Javelin: 1 S Wilson (WS) 20.33m.


100m: L Youngs (IH) 12.9secs; 2 K Earl (Si John Leman HS) 13.0. 200m: 1 L Youngs (IH) 27.0; 2 K Earl (SJLHS) 27.3. 300m: 1 J Bestley (IH) 44.4. 800m: 1 M Salsby (IH) 2:35.5; 2 M Dann (IH) 2:45.9. 1,500m: 1 H Fisher (IH) 4:54;4; 2 T Aldis (IH) 5:02.4. 75m hurdles: 1 M Armstrong (IH) 12.5; 2 M Frost (IH) 13.2. 1K Walk: 1 A Olleton-Walton (WS) 8:30.5.

High jump: 1 E Betts (CH) 1.4m. Pole vault: 1 S Graham (WSC) 2.15m. Long jump: 1 E Betts (CH) 4.54m. Triple jump: 1 A Beckham (WV) 8.94m. Shot: 1 E Pilkington (WSC) 9.65m. Discus: 1 S Graham (WSC) 28.73m. Hammer: 1 C Alexander (IH) 20.6m.


100m: 1 H Lygo (IH) 12.5secs; 2 H Mayne (GY) 13.0. 200m: 1 H Lygo (IH) 26.4; 2 B Green (IH) 26.8. 300m: 1 B Green (IH) 43.0. 800m: 1 H Lyman (WV) 2:26.6. 1,500m: 1 O Allum (WS) 4:45.5,: 1,500m s/c: 1 C Spencer-Hill (WS) 5:48.9. 80m hurdles: 1 B Keeley (IH) 12.4; 2 M Frost (IH) 12.9. 300m hurdles: 1 B Keeley (IH) 47.0.

High jump: 1 K Snook (IH) 1.40m. Long jump: 1 H Mayne (GY) 5.0. Triple jump: 1 H Lyman (WV) 9.54m. Shot: 1 G Ramsey (IH) 10.7m. Discus: 1 M Hughes (IH) 18.24m. Hammer: 1 A Davies (WS) 43.13m. Javelin: 1 G Ramsey (IH) 38.91m.


200m: 1 E Emery (IH) 26.7secs. 400m: 1 C Godbold (IH) 65.1. 800m: 1 H Davies (WS) 2:32.7; 2 L Woodruff (IH) 2:33.9. 1,500m: 1 L Woodruff (IH) 5:10.8. 3,000m: 1 M Newton (WS) 10:38.1. 5,000m: 1 P Peate (FF) 21:51.8. 1,500m s/c: 1 H Davies (WS) 5:01.9.

High jump: 1 H Aston (IH) 1.4m. Long jump: 1 J Duporte-Clarke (IH) 4.82m. Triple jump: 1 J Duporte-Clarke (IH) 10.75m. Discus: 1 L Graham (WSC) 33.34m. Hammer: 1 L Fulcher (IH) 42.13m. Javelin: 1 L Graham (WSC) 37.31m.


100m: 1 H Janes 12.5secs. 200m: 1 C Kilpatrick (IH) 27.7. 400m: 1 H Bartlett (OP) 70.4. 800m: 1 K Margarson (SEP) 2:27.6. 1,500m: 1 C Anthony (WS) 5:34.6. 5,000m: 1 M McCarthy (WS) 20:21.5. 1,500m s/c: 1 M Godbold (IH) 8:13.2. 3K Walk: 1 J Crawford (EMAC) 18:29.7.

High jump: 1 C Scotting (WS) 1.25m. Long jump: 1 C Kilpatrick (IH) 5.42m. Triple jump: 1 T Spurling (WS) 11.3m; Shot: 1 D Castle (CATS) 9.38m. Discus: 1 D Castle (CATS) 30.46m. Hammer: 1 D Castle (CATS) 28.74m. Javelin: 1 D Castle (CATS) 32.53m.

KEY: IH – Ipswich Harriers; WV – Waveney Valley; SEP – Saint Edmund Pacers; FF – Framlingham Flyers; E&H – Enfield & Haringey; WS – West Suffolk AC; IJ – Ipswich JAFFA; CH – Colchester Harriers; FPS –Framlingham Prep School; WSC – Woodbridge School; GY – Great Yarmouth AC; OP – Orwell Panthers; CATS – Colchester & Tendring

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