Holes in one by the bucketload

Your letters and e-mails to MIKE BACON, at Love Golf

Dear Mike,

Further to your article last week about holes in one, I started playing golf at the age of 10, in 1944.

At 16, I had my first hole in one, on the first at Dorking Golf Club, pictured above, a 280yd par 4 – an albatross!

Holes in one followed over the years, on the first at Southwold, ninth at Melton St Audry’s, second at Thorpeness and 15th at Aldeburgh.

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In addition to this, I have had five twos on par 4 holes, the last one at Aldeburgh, playing with Gordon Gibbs and Perry Hunt. I played off a handicap of four for most of my playing life and I was county captain of Suffolk second team in the late 70s.

COLIN TAYLOR, Wickham Market

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Hello Mike,

With reference to your request in last week’s Love Golf, I had a hole in one with the ball going directly into the hole – on the 10th at Purdis Heath on June 4, 1977.

With the sun in my eyes, I thought I had over clubbed and hit a pine tree behind the green but what I had heard was the sound of the ball hitting the base of the flag stick.

Unfortunately the group in front had just finished at the 10th hole and were aware of my “ace” which obviously needed no pitch mark repair.

Needless to say that, when they announced the incident in the clubhouse bar, everyone drank a toast to me and I faced a significant drinks tab when I finished my round at the 18th hole – even before I had offered to buy!

My second hole in one was at Woodbridge’s 9th hole.

Playing into the teeth of a strong wind, one of my playing partners, Woodbridge captain, Roger Leggett, playing off eight, had come up short with a 3-iron, the club I had intended to hit.

So out came a one iron which did the trick! My third hole in one came at Thorpeness’ 16th hole – on the day of an Adnams Invitational meeting - no drinkers there then!

The majority of the large field were staying overnight after dinner, and when my feat was announced (to my pride & dismay!) by our Adnams’ host, another modest drinks tab arrived!

NEILL ELICE, General Manager

Ipswich Golf Club

n HAVE you had any holes in one?

Or have you a golfing story.

E-mail me: mike.bacon@archant.co.uk

Write to me: Mike Bacon, Love Golf, 30 Lower Brook St., Ipswich IP4 1AN And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter . . . Mike_Bacon

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