Ipswich Town manager Kieran McKenna says he wants to build a squad built around 'young, hungry, technical and athletic' players.

The Blues boss was asked about his plans for the summer transfer window during tonight's Fans' Forum at Portman Road.

"I feel like we're in a pretty good place in terms of the squad, but for sure we have to improve it," he said.

"My initial feeling when I arrived is that it needed to be trimmed a little bit and that we needed to lose a little of depth but add some specific qualities in certain areas. That was the main focus in January.

"Now, going into the summer, it's about taking that to another level.

"I have very much a clear profile of the type of players I would like. I've spoken to Mark (Ashton) about that from the first interview.

"We need a balance of different types and different ages, but primarily I want the squad built around a young, hungry, technical and athletic group of players who have a real passion to play for this football club. That will be the base.

"Of course you also need a couple of experienced players who set a good example and can lead.

"We have the positions we are going to target in the summer and we in the process of working through some of those targets now so that we can hopefully get some business done as early as possible and have a good full pre-season with the majority of the group."

Asked if the club would be using assistant manager Martyn Pert's contacts in Europe when it came to recruitment, McKenna laughed: "He's certainly got a very hefty contacts book! He seems to make time to make 50 phone calls a day.

"Martyn has networks not just in Europe, but also South America from his travels. Now that's not to say we're going to sign the Brazilian national team this summer! But within the constraints of Brexit laws and VISAs we will cast the net wide for the right talent."