Blues’ fans react to Keane’s blast

IPSWICH Town fans have been hitting back at Blues’ boss Roy Keane after he said many do “not know too much about the game.”

During yesterday’s press conference, Keane accused fans of “moaning and groaning” and being “set in their ways.”

He also appealed for supporters to get behind his team, rather than criticise formations, selection and performance.

Fans have since been flooding our website with responses to Keane’s comments - and opinion thus far is mixed.

One fan, Brian Betts, wrote: “RK the fans pay your wages and don’t forget that! You may have been a good player but you are not a good manager of men.

“Fans in “this neck of the woods” know good football when & if they see it - after all we were around during Sir Bobby’s days. Roll on 6 months.”

Fellow fan Peter Clark added: “It’s Keane that doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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“I have been going to football for 50 years and I think I know what the games about. Its not rocket science kicking a ball.

“It’s all about pass and move and being able to kick a ball! Playing one attacker who’s 5’ 9” and sending in high balls - very clever, eh?”

And Masdie said: “I agree with Brian Betts that Keane may have had a good football pedigree to look back on, but as a manager he appears out of his depth and blatantly naive.

“To play a small lone striker puts no strain on a strong defence and home fans don’t and won’t want to see this sort of strategy played at home, especially against teams of the standard of Coventry and below.

“Keane isn’t taking this team forward and there’ll be no atmosphere here while he continues with such mediocre tactics and team selection.”

But Keane has been backed by some supporters.

CD wrote: “Well said Keano! We do seem to have a right miserable bunch of fans and Saturday’s lack of noise/support was shameful!

“We have to lift the roof for every game and get behind the lads... COYB’s!”

Peter Sadler added: “RK is spot on - I, like many others grew up watching Ipswich under Ramsey and Robson.

“The bar was set high and I can’t help but judge against those standards.

“He is also right that our defence was terrible this weekend and had the other penalty and the goal when the ball apparently crossed the line been given we could have gone down by 4.

“The issue is RK cannot be blamed for players being off-form but he can be blamed for adopting negative, doomed to fail tactics.

“He can also be blamed for attracting players only from Ireland or Sunderland.

“Good or experienced footballers no more make good managers than good or experienced road sweepers make good council services managers.

“Roy must learn that it’s a Suffolk trait to tell it as it is and we won’t pretend otherwise.”

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