‘Every penny raised and saved will go on the field,’ promises Blues managing director

Ipswich Town

Ipswich Town - Credit: Archant

No stone will be left unturned as the club looks at ways to boost manager Mick McCarthy’s transfer budget.

That’s according to joint managing director Ian Milne who, alongside Jonathan Symonds, has been asked by owner Marcus Evans to come up with ideas for raising and saving money in preparation for new Financial Fair Play rules.

The latter – due to be slowly introduced over the next three years – means that clubs will be encouraged to work towards a break even model. Owners will be allowed to invest £5m next season, then limited to a maximum of £3m in the 2014-15 season.

“Marcus has asked us to come in and talk with the heads of department and look at other ways to generate income,” said Milne, who admitted that Evans has invested somewhere between £60-70m in the club during his five-year regime.

“Financial Fair Play will dictate how much money Marcus can put into the club. Therefore, the more money we can get from third parties – ie not Marcus – the better.

“We’re looking at different ways of selling tickets and retail products, changes to concourse catering, improving hospitality, all those sorts of things.

“Marcus isn’t set on his having his name on the shirts again next season. It’s the same with some of the hoardings in the ground. Jonathan and I are flogging some of the corporate boxes. We are looking at holding some more concerts at Portman Road, I know Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo has spoken about fighting here.

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“We need to sweat the assets. There is no point the facilities sitting empty during the week.”

He continued: “The player salaries unfortunately don’t go down, manager salaries don’t go down, but where we can peg staff costs we will – and we have done.

“We’re looking at every budget in the club and seeing where we can save money and do things differently, but this has not been a massive head count exercise – this has been us looking at how we can do things better.

“Where we feel we can improve things through investment we will. We are currently in the process of recruiting a new marketing manager, for example.”

Milne added: “The important thing to stress is that all of this is with view to providing the manager with the most competitive transfer budget we can offer him. We want every penny raised and saved to go on the field.

“Marcus is keen to bring more money into the club – not into his own pocket. He’s happy to continue to invest as much he’s allowed to do.

“I can’t discuss salaries, but if he wanted to get out then he wouldn’t have invested in a manager of Mick McCarthy’s stature.”

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