Fuller Flavour: This is the most interesting summer we've ever seen at Town

Luke Chambers in an embrace with Cole Skuse after the final whistle.

Luke Chambers and Cole Skuse have left Ipswich Town as the summer clear-out begins - Credit: Steve Waller-www.stephenwaller.c

Ipswich Town fan and writer Karl Fuller offers his final thoughts on the Blues in his last column of the season...

The ninth season of the Fuller Flavour draws to a close and whilst the previous eight years have not been much to write home about, this season has undoubtedly been the most depressing of all to comment on week in week out.

But alas, I, like so many of you no doubt, woke up yesterday morning feeling more optimistic, more hopeful and more chipper about what might just lay ahead.

The shackles feel like they’re coming off of our club as we pass over into a brand new era. Yesterday was day one of the era of new hope.

I guess I should reflect on some of 2020/21 before moving onto the future.

Never in my 42 years have I felt towards the end of a season like I could not care less about results and performances.

Every man has their breaking point and as an Ipswich fan, I was broken long ago. I take comfort in that I’ve not been alone.

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There’s been thousands of us all feeling just as depressed as one another. Everything connected to the club that could feel possibly wrong sent pain back our way in abundance.

We’ve endured so many dark moments and dark days which for so long felt like they would be permanently etched into our lives as far as supporting Town is concerned.

But the last month or two has seen sunshine breaking through the clouds and the rain easing. A rainbow has appeared at the end of which is a pot of hope. After the rainbow, will hopefully come better days.

By the time you read this final column of the season, we will probably know who is leaving the club and who is being retained.

Luke Chambers takes a throw-in.

Luke Chambers spent nine seasons at Town - Credit: Steve Waller-www.stephenwaller.c

I will take this opportunity to thank two players saying goodbye for their long-service to the club, and that is of course Cole Skuse and Luke Chambers.

They have had their critics in recent times but looking at their careers with Town as a whole, they have given excellent service.

I have never met Skuse but I get the impression from others that he is of the same ilk as Chambers, who I have been fortunate to meet and converse with.

If that is true, then the club has been lucky to have two great characters for such a long period.

For those of you who remember the ticket story a couple of years ago, where a number of us raised funds to purchase almost 1,000 tickets for less fortunate fans for a game against West Brom, I will never forget the help and generosity that Luke afforded me.

Cole Skuse has started all nine league games for Ipswich Town. Photo: Steve Waller

Cole Skuse has been at Town since 2013 - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

He was very kind then and appreciated what we had done. I then met him at a rather subdued players awards evening after our home game against Birmingham at the end of the Championship season in 2018/19 when our relegation was confirmed.

Luke was as gutted and upset as any life-long fan I have ever known. He was also very apologetic.

Sometimes, you think any words by players are at hollow, mostly because players move on. They don’t have the same feeling as us fans. They just don’t.

But if you want an example of a player coming remotely close to feeling the same way as us, then Luke is your man. He is very humble, and very passionate about our club.

The latest piece of our future plan was announced last week with the news that Ed Sheeran is our new shirt sponsor.

Forget the money that we will bank, the global exposure and interest will be worth far more. Kudos to Ed and those at the club who helped to seal this deal.

And so we now start a close season that will be perhaps the most interesting ever.

I cannot wait to see how it unfolds and we also have the Euros to look forward to. It will surely be an exciting summer.

Finally, and as always, my final words of the season go to you. A massive thank you to those who read the column, you make it all worthwhile.

Enjoy the summer and see you next season when maybe, just maybe, we can start supporting Town with smiles on our faces.