When Ipswich Town's new away kit will be revealed

There have been record sales on Town's new home shirt

There have been record sales on Town's new home shirt - Credit: ITFC

Ipswich Town have revealed when they will launch the club’s new away kit. 

The Blues have experienced record sales since next season’s home shirt, complete with Ed Sheeran sponsorship, was unveiled at the start of June. 

And the club have now confirmed they plan to launch the new away kit in ‘mid-July’. The kit will again feature Ed Sheeran’s sponsorship. 

The delay in launching is down to factory lockdowns in the country of manufacture, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which has hit delivery plans. Once the shirt is launched, it will be available to pre-order immediately. 

The Blues have said fans who have pre-ordered the new shirts could start to receive them this week, though the large number of sales may mean delays. 

"We have increased our staff levels in order to fulfil all orders as quickly as possible," Town's head of retail operations, Paul Macro, said. 

"We ask supporters to bear with us, and all fans that pre-ordered will receive their shirts before they are released for general sale – which is likely to be mid July." 

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