Ipswich Town women see promotion hopes dashed as impressive season is declared null and void

A special season for Ipswich Town Women has been expunged from the record books. Photo: ROSS HALLS

A special season for Ipswich Town Women has been expunged from the record books. Photo: ROSS HALLS - Credit: Archant

Ipswich Town Women’s league title and promotion hopes have been dashed after the FA announced the decision to end the current season immediately and declare it null and void.

The Blues’ Division One South East season has been suspended since March 16 due to the coronavirus crisis, with the Blues sitting a point clear at the top of the table at the time of the suspension.

It had been an impressive season for Joe Sheehan’s side which had looked destined for promotion, with their historic run in the FA Cup also seeing them take on giants Manchester City after reaching the fifth round.

But all results will now be expunged, leaving Sheehan and his side ‘gutted’.

“We’re gutted but not surprised to be honest,” the Town boss said.

“We had eight or nine games remaining this season, and other clubs around us had even more than that so the chances of finishing the season were unlikely. It’s disappointing but it’s out of our control.

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“I can see why they’ve made the decision they have. For us it’s tough because we were on track to achieve what we wanted to do this season and that was to get promoted.

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“But no matter the decision they had made I’m sure certain teams would have been unhappy about it. We’ve beaten teams in the league above this season so we know we’re capable of playing at that level, and that does make the outcome disappointing because that’s where we feel we should be.

“Like I say whatever decision they had made some people would have complained so they just had to make a call.”

The men’s season has been halted until at least April 30, with that suspension likely to be lengthened in the coming days.

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