'Pretty special' - Town fans on cheering Blues on at Wimbledon... from their roof!

Ipswich Town fans

Ipswich Town fans watched the Blues lose 3-0 at AFC Wimbledon last night - from the roof of a nearby block of flats! - Credit: Rory Horner Twitter

While there were no fans officially cheering Ipswich Town on at AFC Wimbledon last night, the Blues were backed by a travelling support of five - watching from the roof of a nearby block of flats!

Town lost 3-0 and had a man sent off on a miserable night, but the group kept cheering throughout from the roof of a building overlooking the pitch, chanting 'We're going to win 3-2' with Town trailing 2-0.

Rory Horner, who was one of the hardy five, said: "It was good for the first five minutes!

Town fans on the roof of one of the new buildings overlooking plough Lane to watch the game against

Town fans on the roof of one of the new buildings overlooking plough Lane to watch the game against AFC Wimbledon - Credit: Pagepix

"I'm from Leiston in Suffolk and I moved to London a few years ago, but I've always supported Ipswich and always will, through the good times and the bad.

"I moved into this new property in December and I was always aware there was a football stadium being built.

"I was looking forward to the fixture, which was originally February in full lockdown, but was re-arranged for April, when of course the restrictions are lifting.

"I've been looking forward to tonight for ages. I spoke to the concierge, who said you can have four or five friends up.

"So the day came, we had a few drinks and then went up to the roof. It's an amazing view up there - watching your team play from your own roof is pretty special.

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"But then we went one down, then two down, then the sending off didn't help.

"It was deja vu from the Rochdale game and MK Dons, because we didn't have a shot on target and tonight we had one or two but we never really threatened their goal.

"It was a great experience which was tainted - but as an Ipswich fan it's always going to be special watching your team from your roof. So yeah, it's bittersweet."

He added: "The property company said you can watch as long as you don't have beers on the roof.

"At half-time we needed some beers because it was a terrible half. So we had a quick drink and back up for the second half.

"Andy Warren spotted we weren't out straight away (for the second half). I think we were two minutes late coming up, but we were always going to come back because we're Ipswich fans at the end of the day - through the highs and lows."

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