Fuller Flavour: When will those in power wake up and accept we're only going backwards?

Mark McGuinness with his hands on his had at the final whistle.

Ipswich Town's 3-2 defeat to second-from-bottom Swindon was a new low for fan Karl Fuller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com

Ipswich Town fan Karl Fuller offers his thoughts on the latest at the Blues after Saturday's humbling 3-2 home loss to struggling Swindon Town.

Defeat at home to second-from-bottom Swindon Town is an absolute new low for me which will probably be bettered when we visit bottom-place Burton Albion on Saturday. The year might be a new one, but it is still the same old Ipswich Town.

There were times during our 25-day break that I was quite enjoying the fact that we were not playing and my Saturdays and Tuesdays were not being made miserable and putting me in a bad mood.

But as I much as I didn’t want to feel this way, I was missing looking forward to games which proves that for some unearthly reason, I do still care - damned if I do, damned if I don’t!

What Saturday proved is despite a break, nothing has been learnt, nothing has changed and more worryingly, nothing will.

I no longer feel embarrassed by our pathetic performances when live on TV. It has become the norm. And instead of me having to live with my own thoughts about why we are so bad, I get messages from family members who watch us for their ‘once in a blue moon’ occasion and remind me further that ‘Ipswich are still rubbish then.’

Town manager Paul Lambert (left) watching the game with Ipswich Town general manager of football ope

Ipswich Town manager Paul Lambert (left) is still recovering after suffering with Covid-19 over the festive period. Photo: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com

What annoyed me most on Saturday night was that whilst 99% of us would have gone into the evening post-match in a foul mood (again), and wondering when anything will get remotely better, the terrific trio of Marcus Evans, Lee O’Neill and Paul Lambert will no doubt have thought everything remains tickety-boo.

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Honestly, when will any of them wake up, smell the roses and realise that the only direction we’re heading in is backwards? 

Put me in a room with 96 other fans plus these three ‘leaders’ and I’m almost certain that 90% of us will sing from the same hymn sheet. There’ll be seven fans, of course, that will argue nothing is wrong and will blindly follow these three all the way to the conference if need be.

I get that we went into the game without any action for a sustained period of time. Swindon had not played for 20 games themselves though. I also understand that some players were playing for the first time since testing positive for Covid-19 and will not have been at full-fitness.

But none of that should excuse the basics that we continue to get so wrong. Is that the players fault? Are they having their ability coached out of them? Nothing makes sense.

You have to remember that Swindon had numerous changes and were in the main, a side that were playing together for the first time. Yet when for two of their goals we gave them the freedom of Ipswich, they must have thought that it was still Christmas. Why are we the team that continues to offer gifts to all except our own fans?

The first-half performance was abysmal. I’ve seen more urgency in a walking football match with a collection of over 50’s giving it their all. I’m so often told that I am always negative and I really do want to be positive but those in charge need to offer me something to cling onto.

Ok, maybe I can find something to enthuse about. We did look marginally better when James Norwood and Flynn Downes came on for the second-half.

Keep these two fit and get Kane Vincent-Young, Teddy Bishop and Gwion Edwards back as soon as possible then we might scrape a top-ten finish. Is that positive enough?

I’ll keep saying it, Lambert needs to go. That five-year contract though is a millstone around all our necks, most of all Evans’. He’s made some mistakes in his time.

Diallang Jaiyesimi scores to give the visitors a 1-0 lead.

Diallang Jaiyesimi scores to give the visitors a 1-0 lead. - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com

Surely giving that out just over a year ago for no justifiable reason must rank as one of the biggest. With nigh on four years of it left, that tells me everything that I need to know about what will not be happening.

Did you see Luke Woolfenden’s post-match interview? I thought he was very diplomatic with his words. I think there was a lot more bubbling underneath and behind closed doors I dare say that he let a few expletives out to convey his thoughts. 

What a mess.