Lisbie aims to send fans to Blue heaven

KEVIN Lisbie is looking to send thousands of Blues fans into delirium tomorrow by scoring against his old club Norwich but won't celebrate if he manages to succeed.

Derek Davis

KEVIN Lisbie is looking to send thousands of Blues fans into delirium tomorrow by scoring against his old club Norwich but won't celebrate if he manages to succeed.

Lisbie has already banged one in this year against the East Anglian rivals, while playing for Colchester United, but showed a cool restraint that time to.

Lisbie has too much respect for the Canaries after a six-game loan spell with them to rub their noses in it should Town emerge victorious.

The 30-year-old said: “I'm not one for big celebrations anyway, but I didn't celebrate when I scored for Colchester against Norwich last season.

“I will enjoy a goal if I score but I'm not one for going over the top or rub it in their faces.”

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Lisbie added jokingly: “I'm quite a relaxed person but saying that I have not scored in eight games so I may go mad and take my shirt off - don't worry gaffer I won't.”

The former Charlton striker scored once for City, but also played a significant part in their 1-0 win at Portman Road in September when he was involved in Sito Castro's 18th minute sending off - not that he was happy to be reminded of that.

He said: “Oh no. I hoped everyone had forgotten about that. I hope Ipswich fans have forgiven me over that.

“I remember Norwich needed to win at the time because they were down near the bottom and needed the points so it was good for them to win at the time.

“It is a bit like now as Norwich need to win to pull them away from near the bottom. Form will go out of the window so we have to go there and be really professional.”

Although he didn't stay long at Carrow Road, Lisbie enjoyed the experience and added: “I had been injured for quite a while and had not played first team football for a while I went there so I was grateful to go there and play first team football.

“The Norwich crowd were really good to me and I appreciate that.”

Lisbie is one of a rare breed of player that has played for Town, City and United, Trevor Putney is another, and it is an unusual record to have.

He said: “Being a London boy it is strange record. You would have thought it would be more like QPR, Palace and those sorts of clubs but here I am. I love the country air.”

That experience has also helped him appreciate the depth of feeling for this particular derby match.

Lisbie said: “As a Londoner I never really knew the depth of feeling until I played in one and it took me a bit by surprise. As soon as the whistle blew you could understand what all the talk was about with the crowd so intense.”

Although Town have not won on a live televised game so far this season, Lisbie is convinced tomorrow will change all that.

He said: “I honestly think we will win but we know it won't be easy.

“We know how important the game is and we remember what happened at Doncaster so we will be taking this very seriously.

“If we lose on the telly again it will hurt even more because we know a lot of Ipswich fans will be watching again.

“It hurts when you lose but it is worse if you don't perform.

“If we perform well and give out all fair enough, sometimes the luck goes against you but we need to perform the best we can and if we do I feel we will have too much for them.

“That is what we are looking to do.”

And if Town do win, don't expect Lisbie to go too wild even if all around are losing their heads.