Mike Bacon: Blues owners could have joyous surprise with season tickets if my experiences are anything to go by

The men involved in Ipswich Town Football Club's takeover

The four Americans involved in Ipswich Town Football Club's takeover; Berke Bakay (top left), Mark Detmer (top middle), Brett Johnson (far right) and Edward Schwartz (bottom middle). - Credit: NA

I've got some good news.

Before you get excited, no this is not my last column (I can hear your groans). It's better than that - and all rather unexpected.

So, if I could grab messrs. Berke Bakay, Mark Detmer, Brett Johnson and Edward Schwartz's attention.... please listen in.

Town fans celebrating at Portman Road. Packed scenes like this won't be seen for some time yet, but up to 4,000 spectators...

How many season tickets are we going to sell at Portman Road for next season? - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

In the space of just six days this week, I've found you/us/ITFC four new season ticket holders - and I didn't even have to try.

In the course of conversations with family, friends and complete strangers, it appears the wonderful work our new owners are doing in promoting their exciting ideas on how they want Ipswich Town to look going forwards, is rubbing off on Town fans - past, present and future.

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Before I carry on, am I alone in this?

Anyhow, my brother Rick was the first to pipe up last week that he was thinking of getting a season ticket next campaign at Portman Road. And he was even generous enough to tell me he was getting his lovely wife Sharon one as well - even if she didn't want one! That's love for ya!

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'What's brought this on?', I enquired.

Fans in the stands celebrate Flynn Downes third goal in Ipswich Town's 3-0 victory over Shrewsbury T

A great photo from recent times as Flynn Downes scores against Shrewsbury a few seasons ago. Season ticket next year anyone? - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Well, apparently, he was so impressed with the new owners, that he felt a pang of genuine excitement once more about going back to Portman Road and supporting the Blues. Like so many, he had lost the will in recent years.

Two days later on the golf course, my good friend and, I have to add, rather golf bandit, Graham, informed me, he is thinking of getting a season ticket. I didn't even have to prompt him!

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Being a former steward he knows PR well enough. And, again, buoyed by all the excitement and positivity our new consortium are bringing to Suffolk, he told me he is likely to splash out.

Three new season ticket holders in two days! Yet, it doesn't end there!

While out walking at Iken, near Snape, on Saturday morning, I got talking to someone I had never met before.

He took a shine to my car and we got chatting BMWs, before he let on he was a Chelsea and Town fan - I told him I worked in the sports department at the EADT and he sort of groaned at my luck writing about the Blues... then again, 'things are changing, aren't they?', he said.

'I think I may well be getting a season ticket again,' he told me. 'I used to have one,' he carried on, as we tried to work out if Town didn't score that afternoon against AFC Wimbledon, how many hours would it have been since they last hit the back of the net.

My maths is awful as I surmised eight. He corrected me that it would be ten. We socially-distanced our parting with a hearty wave!

I never did find out his name. But who cares? Another returning Town fan. It looks like he wants to be part of the Blue Army next season, as well.

So, there you have it - four new season ticket holders found in six days and that's just in my little world.

Now we have the little matter of season ticket prices being announced. Because now they have been frozen and with fans' new-found optimism, the club could potentially attract 18-20,000 season ticket holders. Imagine what a difference that could make to the atmosphere at Portman Road? Wow!

You have to hand it to our new owners. They have really put themselves out there. Some of their podcasts, tweets, newspaper articles and comments have been top drawer and must have filled so many Town fans with hope.

Cardboard cut-outs have been the only fans allowed inside Portman Road so far this season Picture: S

No more cardboard cut-outs when the fans return - and hopefully in their thousands next season - Credit: PA

I genuinely believe in them. Now all they deserve is a group of players who invest as much commitment and passion into ITFC as they have already done.

Because we're tired of talkers - we want walkers (or preferably sprinters!) - walkers who will walk the walk, dream the dream our new owners are painting.

Paul Cook is oozing passion - he deserves a chance to shape that passion into his own squad - a squad of players he identifies as having the right credentials to get out of League One. We'll take one season at a time.

Few of us expect Premier League football in three years, we just seek that passion and pride from the squad that heads into next season.

So, three games to go and it is still mathematically possible for Town to finish in the top six should everyone around them  implode - a bit like we have.

Then again, I'll park that thought.

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