Northstander: Bersant Celina simply must start next week against Bolton

Unimpressed Town fans at Loftus Road. Picture PAGE PIX

Unimpressed Town fans at Loftus Road. Picture PAGE PIX - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Let’s start with the positive. We clearly have a prodigious talent on our hands in Bersant Celina. What a strike that was!

In the limited time he’s had on the pitch, Celina has looked a cut above, and the proof in the pudding was that brilliant late goal at Loftus Road.

Now...The big question. Will McCarthy give him enough time in the pitch? Up until now, there’s been a reason for him to be used sparingly, with illness meaning he’s been short of fitness.

But, as the young loanee himself said after the game on Saturday, the time has surely come for him to start games. There cannot be many better opportunities than against rock-bottom Bolton at Portman Road next Saturday.

But will that happen? He doesn’t really look like a Mick McCarthy player, does he? We will find out next Saturday. If he’s not in the starting 11 then we will have our answer.

Celina is just what the fans have been crying out for. Just as Tom Lawrence was the one shining light in the gloom of last season, then Celina can be the same during this campaign.

It looks like we’re going to need to find reasons to be cheerful. After that flying start, reality has kicked in. It was ok to be well beaten by Fulham, but a limp defeat against so-so QPR is an entirely different matter.

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So, that’s now three losses in a row. But, amazingly, we’re still in the top six. Bolton next Saturday will be telling. If we beat them, as we should, then the league table will make very happy reading. But if we slip up, then I fear the mood among fans will start turning negative again.

I know one thing. This season needs to be different. It cannot be another dull affair with Town trundling along just below halfway, occasionally looking nervously over their shoulders as the drop zone comes a little too close for comfort.

Sensible Blues supporters don’t expect them to stay in the top six.

But we do want entertainment for our hard-earned cash.

Which is why it’s so important that Bersant Celina starts games.

I look forward to watching his skills for 90 minutes next Saturday afternoon.