Paul Jewell not convinced goalline technology is the answer

IPSWICH Town manager Paul Jewell has questioned whether goalline technology is the best way to rectify controversial incidents.

Chelsea’s ‘ghost goal’ against Tottenham in yesterday’s FA Cup semi-final has thrust the controversy back into the limelight and the game’s law-makers will decide on July 2 whether to approve two systems following final tests.

But Jewell has his doubts, claiming the technology would do nothing to solve debatable offside decisions like the ones seen recently involving Ashley Young and Branislav Ivanovic.

Instead Jewell has reiterated his calls for managers to be given two chances a half to challenge a referee’s decision during a match.

He explained: “The most important thing is getting to the right decision. I would prefer to give managers to calls a half – like in cricket.

“It might be said that it would take too long, but by the time the referee would have had to book players because they are arguing over a decision, they could find out whether it was correct.

“It wouldn’t have stopped any play, they would have looked at the video and we would have got to the right decision – the players and fans would be happy.

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“I don’t understand why we can’t do that. Referees are not going to get every decision right, but I think they would be happy as it takes a lot of pressure off them.”

Jewell’s comments come after it was revealed that any new goalline technology might be restricted to Premier League matches only.

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