Pop star seeks Blues reunion

HE’S one of South Africa’s hottest pop singers – and he owes it all to an unknown Blues youngster he met while on trial at Portman Road in August 2000.

Elan Lea is expected to woo the world with his music when the World Cup finals are held in his home country starting next month.

But before then he has asked the Evening Star if we can help him trace the person who set him out on the road to fame and fortune.

A talented player in his youth, Lea wants to track down the fellow footballing hopeful and reward him by inviting him to fly to South Africa and watch the biggest footballing spectacle live.

As a teenager Lea was passionate about both music and football and played for various clubs in South Africa.

He was invited for a trial at Ipswich, and had a conversation that changed his life.

“The mystery youngster was a brilliant player,” said Lea. “When he touched the ball it meant it was in the back of the net.

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“We got chatting and he said that if he didn’t get re-signed he would be off to work McDonald’s or take up the painting and woodwork courses that the club ensured that you did as a fall back.

“It was after the conversation that I realised music was my true calling.

“It struck me that if this guy who I thought had everything was concerned that he was not going to make it in football then I definitely had a reason to be concerned.

“I knew I wasn’t the next Beckham or Messi.”

Elan returned home to South Africa to concentrate on his music career and his profile is already huge in his home country with a big record contract.

He hopes to soon make waves in the UK.

He’s preparing to release his debut single at the end of June, and has a growing heart throb status with a top placement in Heat magazine’s Manometer.

So who was this mystery player?

“It may have been Darren Bent, and hopefully he’s already coming to South Africa,” said Lea. “But I would love to find out and meet up again.”

If you have any information let me know at starsport@eveningstar.co.uk or telephone 01473 324834 and this will be passed on so that Lea can meet up with the man who made his dreams come true.

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