Season ticket price rise could be final straw for Ipswich Town fans

Town fans are famously patient - but will the latest season ticket price rise be a step too far?

Town fans are famously patient - but will the latest season ticket price rise be a step too far?

This is certainly a high-risk strategy from Ipswich Town.

Increasing season ticket prices after what has been a deeply disappointing season in so many ways will certainly infuriate many Blues supporters.

For some, it might well be the final straw which persuades them not to renew their season ticket, and to “pick and choose’’ their games.

If significant numbers decide to call it day, then this will prove to be a financial own goal for the club, with revenues dropping despite the increase in adult ticket prices and the raising of the senior concession age from 60 to 65.

At a time when so many fans are feeling disaffected by their team’s performances – mainly because of the lack of entertainment – surely the club would have been better to reduce prices?

It needn’t have been a huge drop – but at least it would have been a gesture of goodwill, an admission that the loyal supporters really haven’t been getting value for money at Portman Road for the last year or more.

The money is neither here nor there – most people can afford to pay the extra few pounds the club is asking – but it’s the principle which is the issue. Many supporters feel hugely let down by Ipswich Town at the moment, and this is another kick in the teeth.

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It’s certainly dangerous to assume that the current season ticket holders will all be there for the big kick-off in August, come what may.

It’s not too many years ago when crowds were sometimes dropping below 10,000. Imagine a repeat of that in a stadium which seats 30,000 supporters. Creating a red-hot atmosphere would certainly be a challenge.

Yes, we know there are incentives wrapped into the new prices, and some people will be able to pay less, but it’s the headline increase affecting so many fans which will inevitably be the big talking point.

A large majority of Ipswich supporters might continue to display their legendary loyalty – the next few months will tell us – but the club is taking a big risk here.

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