Target man wanted, but Paul Jewell says Ipswich Town won’t abandon their passing game

IPSWICH Town boss Paul Jewell wants to add a target man striker and physical central midfielder to his squad, but insists his team won’t abandon the slick passing game which has featured heavily in pre-season.

With the likes of Aaron Cresswell, Carlos Edwards, Luke Hyam, Massimo Luongo, Lee Martin and Michael Chopra in the starting line-up, Town will have one of the shortest teams in the Championship this season as it stands.

It’s forced them to play a lot of football on the floor this summer, with recent displays against West Ham, Colchester and Bristol Rovers easy on the eye as a result.

“We’ve always wanted to play football to be honest,” said Jewell, who has never hidden his preference for height and physicality in his sides.

“If people saw us train they would never see us trying to knock the ball long. It’s about playing football in the right areas. We are a small team and we need to move the ball quickly.”

He continued: “I would like a big guy up front. A good big’un is always better than a good little’un as they say.

“That doesn’t mean we want to bang it long and play for flick-ons though. We just want to mix it up when appropriate. I have put an emphasis on trying to pass the ball more this year.”