‘To say we struggled would be polite’ Keane

IPSWICH TOWN: “To say that we struggled would be unbelievably polite,” was Blues manager Roy Keane’s response to a question about his team’s first half show at Scunthorpe on Saturday.

“We were very poor in the first half. We were lack-lustre and just waiting for something to happen.

“A goal was always coming as we couldn’t even clear our lines.”

Although pleased with the response of his players after he made a switch from 4-4-2, Keane was left disappointed three points were not secured.

“From the number of chances we had in the second half the game should have been dead and buried,” added Keane.

“The madness of it is that we then nearly lost it at the end, because of a lack of concentration.”

Keane played a big part in Ipswich emerging from their dreadful start by replacing Connor Wickham with Luke Hyam.

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“It wasn’t just Connor, there were eight or nine players who I was thinking, when are you going to get going?

“We couldn’t continue like that, and we were about to make a change anyway when the goal came.

“We changed the shape with Luke coming on, and then when we changed it again when Jamie came on at half-time to give us that little bit of spark.

“Jamie’s now scored, and he needed that goal to his game.

“It was a good honest run. He showed a desire to get in there and he finished it like a striker.

“Hopefully they were watching! Jamie was unlucky and a lot of other players have been unlucky to be left out from the other night, Luke, Colin Healy, Mark Kennedy, these players did very well.

“I don’t think I got my own job correct - maybe my team selection and formation.”

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