We can get Lee Martin to snap, says Carlos Edwards

Lee Martin, pictured during his time at Ipswich Town. PHOTO: PagePIX

Lee Martin, pictured during his time at Ipswich Town. PHOTO: PagePIX

Ipswich Town skipper Carlos Edwards says the Blues will look to wind up the hot-headed Lee Martin on his return to Portman Road tomorrow.

Martin was booked 20 times and sent off on three occasions during his four-year spell at the Suffolk club, with a succession of managers voicing their frustration at the winger’s ill-discipline.

He faces his former employers tomorrow when Millwall – the club who handed him a one-year deal following his Town release this summer – arrive for the Blues’ first home game of the new campaign.

“He’s so easy to wind up,” laughed Edwards. “My missus doesn’t get wound up that easy and I get on her nerves!

“He used to get wound up in the changing room. Someone would say something to him and he’d take a chunk out of them like a great white shark! (metaphorically speaking, of course). That’s Lee Martin, that’s his signature.

“We might only have to say something out of the ordinary to him on Saturday and he could snap. Maybe we can just yell at him and he will do something silly and get sent off.

“I’m not that type of player though so maybe I will just whisper to a team mate and get them to do it instead!

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“He’s the exact opposite of me. I’m so easy going, I think if I lie back I might be sleeping in water or something. That’s my main weakness. I might be too laid back. I am improving on that though.”

Edwards, who is confident the Blues can get their season on track following a narrow 2-1 defeat at newly-relegated Reading and 2-0 loss at League One side Stevenage in the Capital One Cup, joked: “I already have my studs sharpened! I’m happy for Lee. I had a nice time here with him here, I just hope he doesn’t have a nice time against us on Saturday.

“I don’t know why he left, I never spoke to him. I don’t get involved in asking the guys what they’ve been offered contract wise. Maybe he just wanted to go closer to home. Only him alone will know.”