Worse than EastEnders - Town on the road

IAN Holloway is known for his slightly off beat analogies and offered another after seeing his side secure their first home win since he took over from Gary Megson.

By Derek Davis

IAN Holloway is known for his slightly off beat analogies and offered another after seeing his side secure their first home win since he took over from Gary Megson.

During the post match press conference Holloway went off on a tangent to talk about his Christmas Day viewing and described how happy he felt after watching Finding Nemo and Shrek II but how he felt like hanging himself after EastEnders.

As depressed as Blues manager Jim Magilton was after the fifth successive away defeat in a row he probably wasn't searching for a rope - more likely a defender or two.

But you get the point. While Leicester's lot were like Nemo's dad at finding his son or Shrek after getting the girl, the travelling Town contingent of players, staff and fans were as deflated as a character in EastEnders.

But for all the post match bluster from Holloway he did also inadvertently put his finger on the difference between the two teams when he said he could not have got more desire and effort from his players than if he had grabbed 11 Foxes fans off the street.

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They may not have been as good as the professionals but they would give everything for the shirt with a fox on the badge.

Sadly, the same could not be said for those wearing the white shirts with a horse on the badge.

Apart from a flurry of corners just before half-time, when a goal back at that point might have raised hope for a second-half revival, there was nothing in this Town display that had you thinking they were really showing the required desire and fight.

As is so often the case the first goal knocked the stuffing out of the Town team and when the second went in from an almost identical situation the lack of belief was almost tangible.

Ipswich had gone behind after just 12 minutes from a free kick conceded by Dan Harding on James Chambers.

City skipper Stephen Clemence delivered a left-footed inswinger from around 35 yards away and the Town defence parted like the Red Sea.

Gareth McAuley got an initial touch but the ball was steered in from close range by Richard Stearman.

It was woeful defending but incredibly Town conceded another when Gavin Williams needlessly fouled Chambers on Town's left touchline.

Up stepped Clemence with the same delivery and this time Patrick Kisnorbo got away from Jon Walters to powerfully head in from six yards.

Ipswich had clearly not learned their lesson because Clemence and Kisnorbo had earlier combined from the other side of the pitch but the ball went into the side netting that time.

It was awful to watch for the Blues fans who had given up their Boxing Day in the hope that Town could find their first away win since last March and only the third throughout 2007.

A coachload of them had also endured a crash on the A14 involving four cars, with at least one person taken to hospital.

So for them to have to endure this game, with all the time added on after David Wright accidentally laid out referee Keith Hill with a clearance, was duty beyond the call.

How many of them go to Coventry on Saturday is in doubt but at least they can take heart from the fact that Ipswich won at the Ricoh Stadium on Boxing Day last year.

Without doubt Town supporters are hoping the January transfer window will bring new players in to the club now that Magilton has money to spend.

Lauren Robert may be useful in getting the ball in the box from the left side but he is hardly a ball-winning midfielder who can track back and help the left-back, who was once again exposed with Gavin Williams in front of him and looked more comfortable when Walters was helping back.

A defender like Graham Gartland or Rob Joes will probably be welcomed more because leaking goals, especially away from home, is still a concern.

Leicester played their tradition Post Horn Gallop tune before each half which was appropriate given all the Boxing Day hunts going on around the country but on this occasion it was the foxes that turned on the hunters.

Neil Alexander did not have much to do, although he made a good save from Iain Hume at the death but Martin Fulop was not overly stretched either, even when Magilton threw on three substitutes at once.

Perhaps there will be happy ending before the year is out but this shoddy performance does not bode well and if this continues you can forget about the play-offs.

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