Wright's eyeing a cup prize

LOOK into my eyes…Defender David Wright is hoping a few tricks of the mind can help overcome Chelsea in the FA Cup tomorrow.

Derek Davis

LOOK into my eyes…

Defender David Wright is hoping a few tricks of the mind can help overcome Chelsea in the FA Cup tomorrow.

The Town squad have been using Australian hypnotist Rick Collingwood to help improve results, and after going four games without defeat, it looks to have helped.

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Wright said: “He came in around six weeks ago and we had a group session with him. He gave us all a DVD which we could listen to at home and if you were interested then the option was there to speak to him.

“He would then do a separate, personalised, DVD. With the games coming thick and fast and with me being more interested in getting fit after my injury, I have not spoken to him as yet.

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“I will speak to him again because if I can get something out of it then great. If I don't then I have not lost anything.

“In situations like this have an open mind and give it a crack.”

Although open-minded Wright is not a big one for gimmicks but does admit he will always look for an edge.

He said: “I'm quite boring. I'm not the least superstitious but it works for some people. At Crewe we had a dance teacher in and we gave that a crack but really if anything comes along and I feel it could benefit me I will give it a go.

“A lot of sport is in the head. You have your best games when you are in 'the zone.' You don't think about anything, the subconscious just takes over. This is what he is trying to do - get you in that zone more often than not so you play consistently well.

“I only really switch on when I go on the pitch for the warm-up. I'm quite relaxed in the dressing room. Everyone is different. Some like to be quiet, others put on their i-pods, while others stare at the wall. You find something that works for you and stick with it.”

The full-back went on as an 84th-minute substitute when Wigan lost 3-2 at home to Chelsea in December 2006 so he has a good idea of what to expect.

Wright said: “It is my first time at Stamford Bridge and I'm really looking forward to it.

“We realise that they will dominate a lot of the ball, whereas in a Championship game we will be looking to dominate the ball.

“They have a lot of world-class players so we need to be patient and when the turnover happens that is when he need to express ourselves.

“If the chances come along then we need to be very clinical because against teams like this you don't get many chances.”

Being brave against the Champions' League runners-up could be the key for Town, according to Wright.

He said: “They don't have many weaknesses because they are one of the best teams in Europe. We see week-in, week-out how good they are.

“They dominate the ball and have lots of pace. Basically they are a team of world-class players and if we looked at their team sheet you would scare yourself to death. What we need to do is concentrate on us. We need to be solid and hard to break down then have the courage to play when the ball transfers to us.”

After missing out of late with a hamstring problem, Wright is hoping he can break back into the team but knows after the 4-1 win at Crystal Palace last weekend, manager Jim Magilton may not want to change too much.

He said: “The boys had a great result on Saturday so if we can take that into this game then it will be really good.

“I'm dying to come back in but after that result I'm not sure the manager will change it but I have to accept that because the boys did so well.

“All I can do is train hard and put myself in the shop window for him.”

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