Your Posts: 'This Blues squad believes itself to be better than it actually is'

General view of the Portman Road pitch. Picture: Steve Waller

Is promotion dream dead after the Northampton result?

In our series of Your Posts, JAMES BURGWYN says Town's promotion dream died against Northampton. We welcome 'Your Posts.'

I think our promotion dream died after the Northampton game with another miserable display against a team fighting to stay in this division.

I personally think that there is something drastically wrong at Ipswich Town that goes beyond Paul Lambert or Marcus Evans.

Town players surround Oli Hawkins after he had scored the only goal in the victory over Crewe Alexan

Town players surround Oli Hawkins after he had scored the only goal in the victory over Crewe Alexandra. Is this a good Town squad? - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

The players, I believe, don't want to play for the manager or the owner, and I also believe that this Blues squad believes itself to be better than it actually is.

The players need to ask themselves, what other team in this Division would have them in their squads? Not many I think.


Yes, Lambert is not great manager. Marcus Evans has let the team drift from the verge of the Premier League to a middle of Division One team and for me, this bunch of players ranks among the worst the club has ever had.

I fear for our club, not only this season but next season, the one after that and maybe after that.

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JOHN KORNJACA wonders whether a bit of patience would be better served towards Paul Lambert right now? We welcome 'Your Posts.'

Should Evans sack Lambert?

I believe that Ipswich Town are not yet out of the promotion race in League One.

Of course it will involve a reasonable run in, to the end of the season - but the reality is that all it will take is a positive run of four or five wins and the Town will find themselves right in the mix once again.

Ipswich Town manager Paul Lambert, will be hoping his side can get back to winning ways tonight. Pho

A run of four or five wins and Paul Lambert's side will be right back in the promotion mix. - Credit: PA

All sides in League One are struggling with, or, will struggle with, injuries for a period in the program. The Blues have had their injury crisis and are now emerging from that.

Throw in the bad pitches/playing surfaces, and poor weather to come and many sides will trip or falter in coming weeks.

A calm head is required at this significant time. After all, we are just half way through the program.


John Kornjaca, thinks there is still a long way to go for Ipswich Town this season - Credit: Archant

The folk that are calling for Lambert's head are, undoubtedly, the same folk that believed that 100 points and100 goals were realistic targets.

Patience chaps is what I should like to see. And, some more positive reporting where possible.

It ain't over until the fat lady sings....


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PETER MASKEY says in his 60 years of supporting the club, he's never seen anything like it.

I never ever thought the Club would be in the position it is today after 60 years of supporting them.

Ipswich Town and their fellow EFL clubs will vote on ending the season today

Town owner, Marcus Evans - Credit: Archant

Why Mr Evans has not appointed a new manager by now is beyond belief. What owner would give a manager a five year contract?

No pride, no passion. Team rotation is an absolute joke. Back in the days of Sir Bobby, the team selection was the same basically for every game.

STU Watson's observations from the Northampton draw

I'm sure today's games are not as physical as they were then. I just hope a new appointment is made soon, before its too late and we are relegated.


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Meanwhile, DUNCAN PHARAOH also says it's time for everyone to get behind the team.

I see doom and gloom being churned out by so many fans.

Demonstrations or returning season tickets are non-sensical to me.


Fans protest at Town's training ground earlier this week with flares and chants. - Credit: BlueAction1878 (Twitter)

Not applying for another is a choice, but is it really going to make a huge difference to the owner as many more fans will reapply?

With the club having an injury list which is long and then adding Covid positive tests, you can see why rotation has been used many times.

REFEREE apologies to Town and Alan Judge

I also think the ridicule of players is quite frankly disgusting.

Luke Chambers has been nothing but a fantastic servant for the club.

Luke Chambers happy to be back at Peterborough. Picture Pagepix Ltd

A great Ipswich Town servant, Luke Chambers - Credit: Pagepix Limited

Toxic is a common term used in the club and I am embarrassed to say that it seems to be a word bounded about with glee even more so now Mick McCarthy is mentioned with relish.

None of this is the Ipswich Town way to do things.

The best way to show the owner, is to get behind the team and manager and put all the efforts into raising the bar.


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