It’s Eddie Kennett to the max as Rockets see off Peterborough Panthers TWICE in 11 days. Kennett was ‘absolutely awesome’ admits Rockets Testimonial man Luke Bowen

Richie Worrall (red helmet) & Edward Kennett shake hands. Kennett was in brilliant form against Pete

Richie Worrall (red helmet) & Edward Kennett shake hands. Kennett was in brilliant form against Peterborough - Credit: Picture: Stephen Waller

The Silver Ski Rockets got their 2014 home programme underway with the perfect 56-37 result and the perfect performance, a five ride maximum from Edward Kennett setting the seal on an emphatic push past Peterborough.

The victory completed an 11-day double over the Panthers, with this East of England Cup result following on from the Rockets’ League Cup success in Cambridgeshire.

Kennett was both the unbeaten star and played the game changer in more ways than one. The World Cup international figured in all four of the team’s 5-1 displays, with his opening ride “only” contributing a 4-2!

Team mate and 2014 Testimonial man Luke Bowen was quick to compliment Kennett afterwards. “Edward was absolutely awesome, and a real inspiration to the rest of us.”

His comment highlighted the Rockets all-round team performance: four other riders delivered race wins, and five of the side responsible for 9 points or more. In contrast, the Panthers suffered from a relatively long tail behind big hitters Ryan Fisher and Ulrich Ostergaard.

Bowen believes that the Rockets’ early results could set the scene for the rest of the season: “We’re really up there in terms of spirit and confidence. It is good to get an extra ride with Rider-Replacement, but once Jason (Bunyan) gets back from the Grand Prix we’ll have an extra person to share a laugh with and who will take the pressure off by giving us a full team.”

Bowen himself contributed two race wins in an excellent paid 11 haul against the Panthers, but admitted that it has taken time to fully settle back into the groove from a mental perspective after his long absence from the saddle with a broken thigh. “I have been really nervous for the last few weeks. I was so glad to get the opener at Peterborough out of the way because I was a bundle of nerves for that one. Fortunately, the match went really well, although I blew an engine in my third race.

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“I tried a new engine out at Ipswich on Thursday, but it was too powerful. I kept spinning out of the starts, but at least I managed to get two good rides in at the end.

As for the build-up to this meeting, “I have to be honest and admit I’ve been “evil” all day, and “biting” everyone – a big “sorry” to everyone who’s had to deal with me today! - but I’ve had two big wins tonight and I’m really pleased with the way my meeting’s gone.”

Rye House scorers: Edward Kennett 13+2 (5 rides), Steve Boxall 12+1 (6), Luke Bowen 10+1 (5), Mathieu Tresarrieu 9+3 (5), Jason Garrity 9 (5), Simon Lambert 3+2 (4), Jason Bunyan R/R

Peterborough scorers: Ryan Fisher 13 (5 rides, inc 6 as a TR), Ulrich Ostergaard 9 (6), Ales Dryml 6 (4), Oliver Greenwood 5+1 (7), Lasse Bjerre 4 (4), Danny Phillips 0 (4), Lewis Blackbird R/R

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