John Ward reveals latest on contracts talk

COLCHESTER United boss John Ward admitted that players have the “upper hand,” in terms of contracts talk at the moment, during this morning’s press conference.

However, the U’s boss did imply that offers could be withdrawn, if players take too long to make up their minds this summer.

Left-back Ben Coker is one of those players who will be offered a new deal, but several others are set to leave as the Essex club look to reduce their wage bill for next term.

Ward said: “I haven’t offered Ben (Coker) a contract, but I will do. That is still to come.

“I’m fine with the players. I’ve spoken to a number of players, and the onus is now on them whether to come back and talk to me.

“Very often players want to know pretty quickly and then leave the club waiting quite a while. That’s always the case.

“It’s back to the players, and then up to me to push them a little bit. We’ll see how we go over the next three weeks.

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“The players have got the upper hand, in a sense, because I’ve made them an offer and they can then go out and test the water and go out and see what they want.

“But I’ve told them that if they keep me waiting too long, I can withdraw that offer.

“So it’s not concrete. There’s no fail-safe method, it can come down to me taking it away,

“There’s no threat, but how long can I keep waiting basically? added Ward.

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