Lambert ‘sick’ of short-term fixing and keen to build something at Ipswich Town

Ipswich Town manager Paul Lambert has signed a contract until 2021. Photo: Steve Waller

Ipswich Town manager Paul Lambert has signed a contract until 2021. Photo: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Paul Lambert says he’s ‘sick’ of undertaking short-term fixes and is keen to build something at Ipswich Town.

The Blues boss released a joint-statement along with owner Marcus Evans last week assuring supporters that he was would still be in charge whatever division the club finds itself in next season.

Lambert has gone into his last four jobs midway through a season and the previous three – Blackburn, Wolves and Stoke – all lasted less than a year.

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“A hell of a lot of managers won’t go into a club during a season – and I understand why,” said the Blues boss, whose side are seven points adrift of safety at the foot of the Championship table heading into Saturday’s game at Aston Villa.

“You have to have your own way doing it, your own time to do it and your own players to come and implement the way you want to play.

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“We’ve only been here a few months. You can’t really put your stamp on it. All you can really do is try to make a quick fix of it, get through it and then the real work starts after this season.”

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When it was put to him that he must be sick of making short-term fixes at clubs, Lambert replied: “You’re right. You’re 100% right. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of going somewhere, trying to help and then things don’t work out. I’m sick of that.

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“I don’t love football that much to keep going through that every single year. I love the game, I love everything about it, but if I don’t think it’s working then it’s not enjoyable.

“I want to enjoy it. I enjoy it here, the people have made me really welcome. Whatever is going to happen will happen, but I want to get this place vibrant again.”

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On last week’s statement, he said: “I really enjoy it here and it was never in doubt (staying on). I never thought I’d get to the end of the season – good, bad or indifferent – and then suddenly think I’d go or stay.

“I didn’t really think there was a question to answer, but I could hear the rumblings of people saying ‘what’s going to happen?’

“But I was never thinking ‘what am I going to do?’ I want to stay here because I think it’s a great club with a great fan base behind it.

“I’ve just got the feeling that if you get this right here, and you do things right for the football club and the town, it’s going to be an incredible ride. Fasten your seat belts. I don’t know which way the ride will go, but it will be fun.

“It will be a hell of a ride if we are given the time and licence to build this club the right way.

“It can’t be ad-hoc, there will be no cutting of corners, nothing like that. I want to be here and to try and drive it. But I need everybody in the town behind us to go and do that.

“I can see so many good things here.”

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