Marcus Evans doesn’t want to sell David McGoldrick, but a big money bid from Leicester City could see Ipswich Town step aside and let the star striker pursue his Premier League dream

Derby v Ipswich: Blues boss Mick McCarthy has confirmed that Leicester City have made an offer for star striker David McGoldrick and – with typical honesty – admitted a big money offer could see the club stand aside and let him pursue his Premier League dream.

McGoldrick did not travel to Derby this afternoon, Town coming from behind to draw 1-1 at the iPro Stadium, with the club stating that the 26-year-old had a dead leg ahead of kick-off.

“He did actually have a dead leg, whether anyone believes me or not,” said McCarthy. “And had it been the Cup Final at Wembley on May the whatever I think he’d have probably got through that one.

“Yes they (Leicester) have bid, but I need everybody of a hundred per cent – physically and mentally. Do you know what’s been brilliant? Kevin Bru was different class and Teddy Bishop was outstanding today.

“If one does go, and that won’t be down to me, that will be down to what Leicester are bidding and what (owner) Marcus (Evans) decides is the right amount. And let me tell you, Marcus doesn’t want it to happen. Sometimes it’s unstoppable though.

“Well, it’s not unstoppable because if he wanted to stop it he could, that’s for sure. But I’m always of a mind that you need players that are 100 per cent with you all the time. I have to be honest, I think if David had played today and got injured and there was no chance of it not happening...

“It might have been good for us because we’d be keeping him, but I don’t think he would have forgiven himself and, do you know what, neither would I.”

Asked if he had time to sign a replacement before Monday’s 11pm transfer deadline, he replied: “No, but I’m cool with what we’ve got there today. Big Frank (Nouble) came on and people will say ‘why did he play instead of Balint (Bajner)’, but he went on and played wide right. He can do that job, that’s why that happened.”

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Has Leicester’s bid distracted McGoldrick? “Of course it has,” said McCarthy. “When a Premier League club comes in for you, it’s near your home, you can go back and live in your own house, it would be more money... that would distract me as well.

“He did have a knock, but like I said if it was a matter of him walking out at Wembley he would have nursed it and got through the game.”

Having sold last season’s Championship left-back of the year, Aaron Cresswell, to West Ham for £3.75m in the summer, how big a blow would it be to also lose the man who top-scored for the club with 16 goals last season?

“It would be a right kick in the balls, I know,” said McCarthy. “I’ll let the market forces and Marcus (Evans) deal with all of that, see if Leicester push it and see what they want to do.”

Has the market been inflated, with Leeds selling Ross McCormack to Fulham for £11m and Brighton selling Leonardo Ulloa to Leicester for £8m?

“Let me tell you, I think he’s better than all of them – I do,” said McCarthy. “Alright, he didn’t get 28 goals (like McCormack), but he missed the last few months of the season and was outstanding for us. That’s the market and people have to pay accordingly or it doesn’t happen.

“Marcus doesn’t want to do it and neither do I. Nobody wants to lose him. I don’t want to lose him physically and I don’t want to lose him emotionally.

“I have to be honest, if it was me in that position I’d be putting my boots on every Saturday with a whole load of resentment and whole load of CBA – can’t be a***d – for a little while. That’s not what I want.

“I know Didz has got a lot of respect for me and the club, but it (resentment) can materialise.”

Does McGoldrick want to leave then?

“I haven’t had that discussion with him. He knows (the offer) is there. If it turns out that it’s the right thing, as it was with Cressy, then maybe it has to happen.

“I give pragmatic and honest reasons. I could sit here and waffle and sit here and lie, but I’m not going to do it because I know the way football works.

“You know the scenario. Big boys throw a big cheque at it and sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.”

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