Marshall: Why Deane helped my form

ANDY Marshall has revealed how an accidental collision with Leicester City's Brian Deane could have inadvertently led to a surge in his good form and helped maintain Ipswich Town's unbeaten run.

ANDY Marshall has revealed how an accidental collision with Leicester City's Brian Deane could have inadvertently led to a surge in his good form and helped maintain Ipswich Town's unbeaten run, writes Derek Davis.

The Boxing Day injury to Marshall's ankle forced him to come back out during the half-time period with goalkeeping coach Malcolm Webster to keep the joint loose.

Town won, helped by some good Marshall saves, and he has carried on working through the half-time break since, coming back out once the manager has had his team-talk.

Since Marshall replaced on-loan Paul Gerrard, who was forced to return to Everton with ligament damage, Town have extended their unbeaten run to eight games.

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Marshall said: “I took a whack at Leicester and came out at half-time so the leg didn't stiffen up and I was carrying that injury for about three weeks and had to keep doing that.

“That is something that I may keep doing. I felt I have had a good period over Christmas and beyond. Possibly it was a coincidence, I don't know, but I certainly feel good at the start of the second half as well.

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“When you have gone through a good period you look at what you did differently than a rougher period and this is something I have thought about and may carry on in my game to help me continue doing well.”

Marshall has taken a lot of stick this season, with some fans even using his old club Norwich as an excuse to get at him.

He admits he has not always played well and deserves a little of the flak but no one is more hurt when he makes a mistake than himself.

He said: “You don't need to be told when you have had a good game or a bad game, you know. To be fair to the manager he is good that way. He will say good save or bad mistake and that is the end of it, no big inquests because he realises we are professionals and get downhearted more than anyone else.

“We train all week to get things right for the weekend and when something goes wrong then it is very upsetting.

“Malcolm tells it as it is which is great but he doesn't come in ranting and raving - he gives an honest appraisal and we deal with it.”

And he understands where the fans are coming from.

He added: “It is something you just have to get on with. I always knew there would be a bit of animosity because of where I came from and that is always highlighted when the team is not doing well.

“There could be games when I have done nothing wrong but we have lost or even drawn and things are said against me out of frustration because of where I have come from - but that is not all fans, it is a minority and that is their prerogative.

“Last season it didn't seem a problem because I came in the side which coincided with our good run where we got out of the relegation and into mid-table and my form was good.

“This season, especially with our expectations, we didn't start off well and the fans got frustrated, rightfully so, and I was a bit of an easy scapegoat.

“At the same time there have been a lot of excellent fans who have come up to me and offered fantastic support.

“I go out there every game to do my best and help us win games. Yes, I have gone through a rough period but hopefully I'm through that now.”

Although Marshall put his hands up for the mistake which led to him taking down Ian Moore and Robbie Blake subsequently converting the penalty, boss Joe Royle insisted the game should have already been won by Town.

It is a goalkeeper's lot that his single mistake will be highlighted as costly while if any one of the raft of chances had been tucked away Town would have won comfortably.

He added: “This season even my half-mistakes have been highlighted because they have led to goals. I have not got away with any mistakes as I have in past seasons, or where my centre-forwards have got me out of trouble. Recently we have been scoring a lot of goals and on another day we would have won at Burnley by four or five-one but unfortunately that wasn't the case and I have a bit of bad luck.

“There have been other games where I have made saves and hailed a hero which has been great, but not all games are like that.”

Although Town are heavy favourites to beat Preston today Marshall warned: “Over the last couple of years they have been up among the promotion candidates but this season they have fallen away a bit.

“But that just makes them dangerous because a team with a lack of form wants to put it right and turn things on and with the form we are in teams want to do well against us.

“They know they will be in for a tough day so will try their absolute best and that will make it hard for us.”

And to make sure he does everything he can to keep the Town unbeaten streak going Marshall will be out again at half-time.

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