Miller to the fore

Nathan Miller walked it at the VC Baracchi cyclo-cross at Bungay. The 53-12 Multisports rider emphasised his 25-second winning margin by hopping off and walking the last few yards, hoisting his bike above his head in celebration.

Nathan Miller walked it at the VC Baracchi cyclo-cross at Bungay.

The 53-12 Multisports rider emphasised his 25-second winning margin by hopping off and walking the last few yards, hoisting his bike above his head in celebration.

Miller had steadily opened a gap on last year's winner and local Bungay rider Shaun Aldous (Interbike RT) during the second half of the race.

The 11th round of the EADT League was a welcome contrast to recent mud-plugs.

The sun shone brightly on Broome Heath and the sandy ground gave riders a dry fast, flowing race.

The course - described as “absolutely brilliant” by early leader Nick Ainsworth - was not highly technical but had variety.

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There was tarmac, fast riding over moss and rabbit-chomped grass as well as some tricky points where tree roots across corners could catch out the unwary.

Also included was a run-up on loose sand where everyone had to carry their bikes and other climbs where there was a choice between the most direct and the fastest lines to take. As a bonus, the race was remarkably free of punctures.

Nick Ainsworth made his trade-mark fast start, with Miller hot on his wheel. Ben Spashett (XRT/ElmyCycles) and junior David Nichols (Glendene/Biketrax) were also bidding to squeeze in on the act. At the end of the first lap Miller had the lead with just Ipswich Under-23 rider Spashett in contact.

Next lap Aldous was up with Miller and making short sharp attacks, but could not get clear. Soon Aldous was finding a newly-fitted gear cable had stretched enough to throw his gears out of adjustment and he had to make a bike change.

Though he was soon back in full flight, his deficit on Miller gradually opened to 25 seconds. Nichols eventually rode a lone race to third place and Spashett came in a minute further back to take fourth.

The start was frenetic with highly-experienced Geoff Bores (Ford CC) an unexpected faller. Amazingly everyone seemed to avoid him. There was also a first lap tangle between Ian Newby (Diss & District) and Gavin Rumbles (Trek/VW).

Rumbles recovered to catch up to Ainsworth whom he trailed to the finish where Rumbles did not contest the sprint, happy to have been paced to a valuable win in the veterans' category. Newby continued but it was not his day and he finished 15th.

The promoting club's Tim Bonnett came up trumps with his best result of the season - seventh - in spite of being off the bike all week because of a cold. The heath is his training ground, so he has a good idea of the best lines to take at key points in the course.

Craig Beech recovered from a slow start to finish ninth and Clive Ling (Diss & District) completed the top 10 finishers.

A tight first lap battle for the women's award was resolved in favour of Jen Ives (Interbike RT) when rival Rachel Moss (Ford CC) put her foot in it.

During a hasty re-mount her shoe went between her back wheel and part of the brake mechanism and her bike was too much disabled to continue.

At the prize presentation Nathan Miller received the Joe Waller Memorial Trophy in memory of the popular young rider who died in a car crash near Bungay three years ago.

Revelling in the sunshine and fast flowing nature of the circuit, Luke Newby (Diss & District) returned to winning form, taking the Youth race by 31 seconds from Tom Castle (Ipswich BC).

Newby, Castle, Matt Cook (Mildenhall CC) and Hugo Robinson (Ipswich BC) formed a leading group early on, after which Newby and Castle broke away. Newby then opened a gap on a rideable climb and soloed to the finish.

Cook took third place; Robinson was fourth and best Under-14 rider. Robert Green (IBC) was fifth and Ben Bailey, another U14, sixth.

Recovered from illness Sean Dunlea (PCA Ciclos Uno) took the under-12s race from Jack Hardwicke (Plomesgate CC).

Under-10 Chelmer CC racer Tristan Price challenged James Arden to a spirited fight for third place, but the older Norwich ABC rider eventually prevailed.

Among the girls a first-lap fall delayed Henrietta Colbourne (Fat Birds CC). She got back to within sight of Sophie Holmes (Diss & District) but this was Sophie's race.

The next EADT League event is the Gateway Greenspaces Cross at Grays on the Thames estuary on December 30.

A week after that come the National Championship races at Sutton Park, Birmingham.

Forthcoming non-competitive off-road events include the TROG “Duff the Stuffing” escorted ride on Sunday December 30, starting 11am from near the Rendlesham Forest Visitors Centre.

Then, on Sunday, January 6, comes the “Diss-Organised Off-Road Pedal”, which starts at the White Hart, Rockland All Saints, near Attleborough between 9am and 10am. Ken Jolliffe of Diss CTC can tell you more - Tel 01953 681755.

For the first time for many years there is no Wolsey Road Club Boxing Day time trial this year, but there will still be an informal CTC social meet in the late morning near Henley Cross Keys.

Seniors, Juniors, Veterans, Women

1 Nathan Miller (53-12 Multisports) 10 laps in 55:26; 2 Shaun Aldous (Interbike RT) +0:13; 3 David Nichols 1st Jun (Glendene CC/Bike Trax) +1:48; 4 Ben Spashett (XRT/Elmy Cycles) +2:41; 5 Nick Ainsworth (Private Member) +3:55; 6 Gavin Rumbles 1st Vet (Trek VW) +3:57; 7 Tim Bonnett (VC Baracchi) +4:00; 8 Kevin Wilby (Ipswich BC) +4:03; 9 Craig Beech (Interbike RT) +4:06; 10 Clive Ling Vet (Diss & District CC) +4:11; 11 Dave Copland Vet (Ipswich BC) +4:15; 12 Julian Parker Vet (Ipswich BC) +4:22; 13 Adam Keer (Ipswich BC) +5:26; 14 Ben Paton (Angliasport) +5:28; 15 James Dalton (Salsa Cycles RT) +5:38; 16 Ian Newby (Diss & District CC) +1 lap +0:02; 17 Stuart Chatting (Angliasport) +1 lap +0:06; 18 Chris Guy (Interbike RT) +1 lap +0:14; 19 Bruce Robinson Vet (Shaftesbury CC) +1 lap +0:19; 20 Jim Hardwicke Vet (Plomesgate CC) +1 lap +0:57; 21 Martin Carter (Unattached) +1 lap +1:09; 22 Patrick Harbord (VC Baracchi) +1 lap +1:29; 23 Clive Harrison Vet (Ford CC) +1 lap +1:32; 24 John Terrell Vet (Ipswich BC) +1 lap +1:34; 25 Geoff Bores Vet (Ford CC) +1 lap +2:20; 26 Gary Wood Vet (Maldon & District) +1 lap +2:32; 27 Neil Stevens (VC Norwich / Fitt Signs) +1 lap +3:06; 28 Matt Spillman Vet (Diss & District CC) +1 lap +3:08; 29 Phil Buick Vet (Salsa Cycles RT) +1 lap +3:42; 30 Terry Smith Vet (Interbike RT) +1 lap +4:02. 37 Jen Ives 1st Woman (Interbike RT) +1 lap +5:32.


1 Luke Newby (Diss & District CC) 5 laps in 29:44; 2 Tom Castle (Ipswich BC) +0:31; 3 Matthew Cook (Mildenhall CC) +1:28; 4 Hugo Robinson 1st U14 (Ipswich BC) +1:32; 5 Robert Green (Ipswich BC) +3:02; 6 Ben Bailey U14 (Palmer Park Velo) +5:58; 11 Ellen Triggs 1st Girl (Colchester Rovers).


1 Sean Dunlea (PCA Ciclos Uno) 12 laps in 15:04; 2 Jack Hardwicke (Plomesgate CC) +0:05; 3 Alwyn Newstead (Ipswich BC) +1:14; 4 James Arden (Norwich ABC) +1 lap +1:07; 5 Tristan Price 1st U10 (Chelmer CC) +2 laps +0:29; 6 Sophie Holmes 1st U8 (Diss & District CC) +2 laps +1:23

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