10 football 'teams of yesteryear'. Are you and your old team-mates featured?

EADT football Team

An EADT team from the late 1960s. Everyone loves a footie team pic! - Credit: Contributed

We all love a team photo.

And of course many of us have played in football teams.

The obligatory team pic is always a must at the start of the season, the middle, or even the end - preferably with winning trophies.

So, I hope you enjoy looking through a few I found in the Archant archives. Feel free to e-mail any others you have and we can do this all over again another week!.... mike.bacon@archant.co.uk

And here's a really old photograph to start off with.....What a classic this is. Top hat and all!


This photograph of the Peasenhall football team in 1906 is from Mrs G Whiting of Broad Oak Cottage,

This photograph of the Peasenhall football team in 1906. The Peasenhall School built in 1875 is in the background. Included in this photograph are H Nichols, F Woodward, R Pepper, T Gardener, H Smith, F Burgess, L Davis, J Rowe, A Hill, H Hancey, C Chapman, H Pepper, W Howard, H Pepper and K Gardener. - Credit: Archant

Next up, we move forward more than century. And head towards the Shotley Peninsula

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Now, I'm not sure this is 2010, but the caption said it was, so I'm going with that. Anyhow, treble winners that season... The Rose. Up the Greens!

TREBLE WINNERS: Shotley Rose Football Club were denied a fourth trophy when they were beaten 2-1 by

Shotley Rose were denied a fourth trophy when they were beaten 2-1 by Gainsborough Labour Club in the final of the Premier Cup. It was still a magnificent season for the team which picked up the Premier Division, the LTL Plate and the Jean Stone Cup - Credit: Archant

OK, so now we move into ladies football. Of course the ladies game is much more prominent these days, but there was still plenty of ladies playing football in years gone by.

I assume Volvo is to do with the car makers, and perhaps the ladies worked there at a showroom in Suffolk. I have no idea.


STAR MEMORY FRAME NOSTALGIA; Volvo ladies football team at Christchurch Park, Ipswich, in March

Volvo ladies football team, pictured at Christchurch Park, Ipswich, in March 1972. Sadly we have no names. - Credit: Archant

Youth football is and has always been popular. Young players starting out on their footballing journeys. These days from under-6s.

Anyhow, here is a great pic of a local Ipswich club, Achilles - and again I think it's 2010.

ACHILLES U16s 2010

Achilles under 16 Football Team

Achilles U16s, pictured with their then new sponsors. - Credit: Contributed

Now I must confess, I really do like this next team photograph. It's my favourite of the group.

I think it's because they all look very neat, lined precisely up against the wall. And they have a trophy, but I no not what for.


FOR EADT FLASHBACK JAN 11 09; The Ipswich Civic College football team of April 1975.

Ipswich Civic College football team of April 1975. - Credit: Archant

School football teams always take a nice photograph. I have a photograph of when I played at St Johns C of E Primary in Ipswich, circa about 1904! (I jest). We played in all white, like Leeds. Anyhow,  I digress, nice one here from St Mary's & Farlingaye School, near Woodbridge. 

Taken of course the year England won the World Cup


Star Neil 2 3 8St Mary's and Farlingaye School ReunionSt Mary's Football Team 1966Pic Lucy

St Mary's and Farlingaye School 1966 - Credit: Archant

Now, there are amateur football teams and there are amateur football teams. But when you play for Suffolk, you are usually of a very decent standard.

I imagine many of these lads were fine players. Sadly, again, no names. This game was played at Portman Road.


FOR FLASHBACK JAN 10 11.The Suffolk football team at Portman Road, Ipswich in April 1979EADT

Suffolk football team, pictured at Portman Road, Ipswich in April 1979. - Credit: Archant

Next up with have a team which I can only assume is from west Suffolk, seeing as it's Greene King.

I don't know if this was a team that played in a league, or an Inter-Firm team. Remember the old  Inter-Firm games?

Here at the EADT we got to the final I believe twice in what was a great competition. I played in the second time we got there, where we got well beaten by BT Research. Can't remember the year, about 1984 I think. It was played at Halifax Road, Ipswich. We woz robbed! (not really, they were far too good).


From The ArchivesGreene King Football Team September 1972Neg 30773WestEADT 10.9.1

Greene King football team, September 1972 - Credit: Archant

Whitton have always been a big club in Ipswich. Here is a team pic from the '60s. I don't know if it is an age group side, or the full first team.

Their colours today are green and white. I wonder when they changed them from this all white kit? And look at all those trophies!


STAR MEMORY FRAME NOSTALGIAWhitton United football team pictured in Ipswich during May 1965

 Whitton United, pictured in Ipswich, May 1965

And finally, a little bit of nostalgia from my own work's team from 1978 - the EADT.

Both myself and Paul Skingley, who were brilliant players!!! (well he was), hadn't started at the EADT in 1978. But we knew all these guys and played with them in later years. Some even used to throw me and Skins' packed lunch boxes out of the windows when we were apprentices! And tie us to lamposts when our apprenticeships came to an end! You know who you are! But what a line-up. Some really good players here, especially messrs. King and Greene. Great days!

EADT 1978

eadt football team in april 1978

EADT 1978, back row, Cyril Youngman, Bill Smith, Dave Greene, Elvin King, Dave Perkins, Dave Quinton, John Rutter, Dave Allard and Neal Manning. Front row, left to right, Russell Cook, Peter Munday, Graham Todd, Ian Vernau, Bob Caley, Colin Hayward, Andy Callaghan and Ron Markwell. - Credit: Archant