Northstander: Does Mick like gardening? Well, perhaps it would be best if he was given the chance to find out!

Ipswich manager Mick McCarthy at St. Andrews Picture Pagepix

Ipswich manager Mick McCarthy at St. Andrews Picture Pagepix - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Northstander, Terry Hunt, looks at the farcical situation he feels has developed at Portman Road since the announcement of Mick McCarthy leaving at the end of the season.

Town fans at Birmingham City Picture Pagepix

Town fans at Birmingham City Picture Pagepix - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

I have absolutely no idea whether Mick McCarthy enjoys gardening, but I really do feel he should have the chance to give it his undivided attention.

This utterly farcical situation has to end without delay.

Have you ever known a football manager continuing to run the team when everyone knows he’s leaving in a few weeks?

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Luke Hyam fails to successfully shoot on the turn at Birmingham Picture Pagepix

Luke Hyam fails to successfully shoot on the turn at Birmingham Picture Pagepix - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

It’s the right decision by the Portman Road hierarchy, but done in the wrong way.

McCarthy himself admitted it felt strange on Saturday. Anyone who has ever served their notice in a job knows that odd feeling.

Of course you continue to work hard and stay professional, but suddenly something is missing.

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The same goes for the players. I’m sure they were disappointed by the news about McCarthy. It’s an unsettling time when the boss goes. Him still being around is doing them no favours either.

This is a critical time for the club, with so much to sort out for next season.

Who is going to do that?

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Far better to say thank you and goodbye to McCarthy now, and ask someone else to take over pending a permanent appointment.

There is no shortage of caretaker candidates at the club. Academy boss Bryan Klug is vastly experienced and has done it before. Maybe a combination of him and Gerard Nash.

You can rest assured we would see some of the youngsters being given a chance!

All of this is a real shame, because the club made absolutely the right decision not to renew McCarthy’s contract. After the season ticket price cut, it meant Marcus Evans has taken two big steps towards making Portman Road a happy place again. But he’s got it horribly wrong by not letting McCarthy go immediately. Hopefully Millwall will be his last game.

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The final step is to appoint the right manager – someone progressive, who believes in youth, and values entertaining football. Lots of names have been mentioned – some of them appealing, some less so.

To be honest, all I care about is being entertained. I long for that really positive feeling as I walk away from Portman Road.

I want to enjoy football again, and feel pride in the club I’ve supported for 50 years – not a mix of boredom and embarrassment.

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