Northstander: The most miserable spell I have known in 50 years of supporting Ipswich Town

Mick McCarthy gives out instructions at Bristol City. Photo: Pagepix

Mick McCarthy gives out instructions at Bristol City. Photo: Pagepix - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Did you hear about the Mick McCarthy press conference? He walked into the room, sat down, and apologised profusely to the loyal fans of Ipswich Town, writes Northstander Terry Hunt.

The under-fire McCarthy said: “I want to offer my apologies to our supporters. I realise our performances have been very poor, the entertainment value has been virtually non-existent, and some of the things I have said about the supporters have been unacceptable.

“It’s just not been good enough. I understand why fans are unhappy and why they have been showing their dissatisfaction. Please be assured that everyone at the club is doing everything they can to turn things around. In the meantime, I really appreciate your support. Thank you.”

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Yes, and then I woke up. The only time we will hear the manager saying anything like that is in a dream. The reality is very different, as we all know. Almost everything McCarthy says at his press conferences seems to alienate us fans even more.

He just doesn’t get it. He can’t bring himself to accept why there is so much anger being directed at him. He describes the atmosphere last Tuesday as “a disgrace,” but makes no reference to his bizarre team selection and the resulting fiasco of a performance.

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He fails to mention the fact that his team hasn’t scored at home in the last five home games – an all-time club record – and that they have barely troubled visiting keepers in that time.

He makes no reference to the zero level of entertainment which is driving supporters away. How many people really suffered Tuesday night’s horror show? Certainly not 13,000. More like 10,000, I would estimate.

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Instead of being contrite, McCarthy becomes ever more belligerent, and continues to snipe at the paying customers, calling the atmosphere at the Hull game “a disgrace.”

All of the above adds up to the most miserable spell I have known in 50 years of supporting Ipswich Town. The football is utterly dreadful, and the gulf between club and supporters grows wider with every game – and every press conference.

This crisis calls for strong, highly visible leadership, yet the club’s owner remains silent. Mr. Evans, we need to hear from you. Tell us where our club is going.

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