Northstander: I hope Marcus appoints a young, upcoming boss at Ipswich Town

Ipswich caretaker manager Bryan Klug talks to Luke Chambers on the bench at Nottingham Forest. Pictu

Ipswich caretaker manager Bryan Klug talks to Luke Chambers on the bench at Nottingham Forest. Picture: PAGEPIX LTD - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Sometimes, football is about more than just the result. On occasions, it’s about the beginning of a rebuilding process, and the healing of wounds, writes Northstander Terry Hunt.

Saturday at Forest was just that. Of course, it was gut-wrenchingly disappointing to lose the way we did. In fact, I was surprised by just how disappointed I was. Surprised, but relieved. I do still love Ipswich Town after all.

But there was so much more to that game than just the scoreline. It marked the beginning of a new era, albeit under a temporary manager at the moment. We all hope for better football, of course, but just as importantly we yearn for a feeling of togetherness.

We fans want to feel close to the club, and to believe that the management value our support. It certainly didn’t feel that way in the last few months of the McCarthy era.

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Bryan Klug is perfectly suited to start that process. He really is a top man, respected throughout the football world, and he is Ipswich Town through and through.

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First team management and everything that comes with it isn’t really his natural environment – developing young players is his forte – but he is absolutely the right person for this situation at Ipswich Town.

Klug will be able to start the rebuilding of the relationship between supporters and club. He will give promising youngsters a chance, and he will try to get the players to adopt a more attractive style.

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He is not a miracle worker, and results might not be transformed immediately. After all, the squad still has the same limitations, and we still have an appallingly long list of injuries. But Bryan Klug is a man all Town fans can get behind.

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Beyond the next few weeks, the big question is the identity of our next permanent manager. I really hope that the delay in appointing is because Marcus Evans wants to recruit one of the young, up-and-coming managers who are doing so well further down the leagues. Nathan Jones of Luton, for example.

As my colleague Stuart Watson so wisely said last week, Ipswich Town has a track record of appointing unproven managers.

Do the names Ramsey and Robson ring any bells?

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