Process begins to find Phil Knight’s successor at Suffolk FA

Phil Knight’s role as chief executive at Suffolk FA will be filled primarily on a temporary basis by Football Services Manager, Jairo Marin.

Knight announced his decision to resign from the position on Tuesday evening for “his own reasons” according to a statement issued by Suffolk FA.

Marin who will be supported and assisted by various other people with responsibilities being shared out.

Chairman of Suffolk FA Mick Pearce said: “We will need to go through the full advertising process in the quest to find a new chief executive and in the meantime we will continue to operate the best we cam.

“You can’t not have a member of staff not there, whether that be Phil or anyone else but we are fortunate that we have had a number of people offer to help since the announcement.

“I am delighted with that but that shows the calibre of workforce we have in Suffolk. A number of people, who are not looking to be a successor to Phil, have offered their services in whatever shape or form.”

Meanwhile Pearce paid tribute to Knight who has overseen progress in a number of areas at county level.

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“A fair amount of progress has been made, both by Phil directly or by his team, since his appointment,” said Pearce.

“He has been involved in the homeless football scheme, the Friday night project at Gainsborough, has formed close ties with Terry Baxter of the ITFC Charitable Trust and played a positive role in social inclusion with women’s and girls’ football.

“Suffolk FA also embarked upon a transformation programme before his appointment and Phil has worked with the board since becoming chief executive to shape Suffolk FA to the way it is today.”