Public may have to cough up to plug stadium funding gap

THE public look set to have to bridge a gap of up to �60million following the collapse of West Ham United and Newham Council’s bid to buy the Olympic Stadium.

The venue will remain in public ownership but it will miss out on �60 million of funding from the Hammers (�20 million) and Newham Council (�40million) to transform the venue before it can be leased out.

If similar changes are to be made then only the �35 million is guaranteed.

Under the new tender process, Robertson stressed the running track would have to be kept in the stadium and the issue would be “non-negotiable”, with bids having to be in by January.

Robertson said: “It is a little bit which way you cut it. There is �35million in the public sector funding package already for legacy conversion.

“Then you have got the �40 million that Newham were prepared to commit to the original project. They can now commit that to this model without a state aid issue because it goes public body to public body.

“Then you have to get the all-round figure up to �95 million and then you have a gap of �20 million, which was originally going to be filled by West Ham’s sale of their ground at Upton Park.

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“That will be replaced by an annual rental charge by whoever the end tenant is.”

Robertson and Mayor of London Boris Johnson said the stadium would not become a burden on the taxpayer.

The mayor said: “I think we have come up with a very good solution. We will keep it in public hands but we will effectively rent it to a football club, almost certainly West Ham, and that will cover the costs and I think it will be a very good deal for the taxpayer.”

Robertson added: “This is potentially a much more attractive deal - you are able to sign a straightforward lease and not depend on a loan from Newham.”

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