Speedway podcast: Rory Schlein.... ‘Adventures of the Roo Boy!’ including what it’s like being British Champion

Rory Schlein.... 2020 British Champion

Rory Schlein.... 2020 British Champion - Credit: Archant

New British Champion, RORY SCHLEIN joins MIKE BACON for the latest in a series of speedway podcasts.

In this one-hour special podcast, 2020 British Champion RORY SCHLEIN chats to MIKE BACON about his speedway career - the highs, the lows and the very dark days.

- Growing up in the Northern Territory

- Why he got the name ‘Roo Boy’

- The shock of his first racing in the UK

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- The darks days when I thought it was all over

- One of my happiest seasons

- Police escorts to meetings!

- Being British Champion

- My biggest regret

- Family, the future for me, the future for speedway

And much, much more.

Listen to Rory talk with passion about the sport he loves so much.

A fantastic listen to a fascinating rider who came to Britain in 2001 to follows his dreams.... dreams and joys he indeed found.


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